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Airplane Transponder - CAU

The Airplane Transponder

Beyond the amazing aeronautical and thrust design developments we have pursued since the Wright brothers, arguably the next greatest development in aviation has been in electronic communications, including nonverbal communication such as the transponder.  The privilege of talking over a radio and speaking directly and instantaneously with air traffic control (ATC) or even with other airborne pilots has enhanced safety...

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Strange Aviation Sounds In Flight | CAU

Strange Aviation Sounds Small-Airplane Passengers (and Pilots) Hear

Passengers in big airliners hear certain aviation sounds that have become commonplace in our flying experience.  They hear machine made aviation sounds (like the engines humming as the jet flies through the air) and other assorted things like the flight attendant call button tones.  But, on the whole, the auditory environment within the giant flying tube is pretty unremarkable. On the...

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Strange Sensations See & Feel | CAU

Strange Things Small Airplane Passengers See And Feel

Even without having ever been in a functional airplane, Leonardo Da Vinci observed, For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will long to return. Flying in a small airplane, whether as the pilot or as a passenger, is an experience worlds apart from...

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How Pilots Talk to non-Pilots | CAU

How Pilots Should Talk to Non-Pilots

Pilots necessarily have a significant aeronautical vocabulary that has been refined for decades.  Much of it is formalized in the Pilot/Controller Glossary (Federal Aviation Administration, 2014) and in the Airman’s Information Manual (AIM) (Federal Aviation Administration, 2017).  Both of these are published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is the governmental arm responsible for overseeing air travel in the USA. The...

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Small Plane Passenger | CAU

What Passengers Can Do in Small Plane Emergencies

Let’s begin with this:  Airplane accidents and incidents, whether in a relatively small plane like a four-seater or in giant airliners, are incredibly-rare events and, despite the common fiction, people do not typically die in airplane accidents. According to the National Transportation Safety Board’s latest, 2015 Civil Aviation Accident Statistics (the latest combined data available), across the country, there were...

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