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Airplane Instrument Errors

plane instruments - CAU

Some pilots say that the only thing an airplane has in common with cars is that the tires are rubber, and that’s not really too far off the mark.  The Wright brothers and their predecessors and later aeronauts developed a plethora of ideas from scratch that differ radically from the simple mechanics of ground-based transportation. …

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What Happens During a Small-Plane Takeoff?

Small Plane Take Off

Some people warm up their cars before taking to the road but others don’t.  Some use electric turning signals, some use hand signals, and others don’t. There is a lot of variation in how people begin their drives with some using a more thoughtful, experienced approach and others just taking their chances. In aviation, with …

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Some Things that Surprise First-Time Small-Airplane Passengers

flying in small airplane for the first time

Flying in a small aircraft or even going down the runway is especially valuable for a first-time, front-seat passenger. In this case, they can look down the runway while the airplane is accelerating (or, if it’s landing, while the airplane is approaching the runway). That view is fantastic, and it is not available for passengers …

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