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California Aeronautical University Adds 6 Brand New Cessna 172S to Fleet

CAU Adds New Cessnas to Fleet - California Aeronautical University

As the University continues to invest in equipment and resources available to its students, California Aeronautical University (CAU) recently added six 2021 Cessna 172S aircraft to its fleet. Rated as one of the world’s most popular single-engine training aircraft, the brand-new Cessnas are fully loaded and offer the latest technology available, including Garmin G1000 avionics …


7 Things Passengers Should Know About Small Planes

Small Planes | CAU

People pretty much know how to behave as passengers on a jetliner as opposed to small planes.  Sure, some people, the outliers, do ridiculous things like argue with and threaten the flight attendants (federal offense!), or try to open the cockpit door or escape doors during flight.  Instead, we the majority tighten our seat belts …


Taking a First Time Passenger Flying

First Time Passenger | Cal Aero

A freshly-minted pilot’s first thought is invariably very exciting:  I want to take my friends or family up into the air while I’m at the controls!  Of course, there’s another agenda, even if we don’t always admit it:  Most new pilots with their private pilot certificate like showing off, at least a little.  And pilots …


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