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Understanding Aviation Communication (and Its Importance)

Aviation Communication - California Aeronautical University

Aviation communication is an essential part of every aspect of the aviation industry, from pilots to mechanics to traffic control. The word “communications” might lead many in the non-aviation world to immediately think of marketing, social media posts, or human resources. All of these play a role in the aviation industry however, aviation communication also …

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Great Flight Instructor Or Horrible Flight Instructor

Great Flight Instructor At CAU

Thinking about becoming a pilot?  Anyone who wants to fly needs to be taught by a competent instructor.  If you’re not in the military, you get to choose who will teach you, and it’s a much bigger decision that it first seems to be. Like in all things, you can have a great flight instructor or …

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Our staff and students organized some amazing things for the campus and students to celebrate the holiday spirit, including creating their very own rendition of the 12 Days of Holidays. Each day we shared a different ‘gift’ on our social media accounts, featuring our students, partners, and fun festivities around the campus! The 12 Days of …

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Three things you need to know about getting your BS in Aviation Business Administration

To kick-start your Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Business Administration, here are the three things that you need to know! First, you need to know what qualifications are required for administrative personnel in the aviation industry. Most of these positions include, but are not limited to administrative assistants, data entry workers, public relations specialists, and those …

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