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Classes start March 2024. Don't miss the deadline to apply!

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Meet With Admissions To See What CAU Is All About!

Bakersfield | Oxnard | San Diego | Phoenix

The admissions deadline for our March 2024 term is fast approaching. Don’t miss the deadline to apply! Schedule a meeting with our admissions team to start the application process today.
Our team of admissions associates serve as the primary contact for prospective students, parents, and school educators. Their goal is to guide prospective students through the admissions process step-by-step and provide all the information needed to help them make an informed decision about their education.

Scheduling an admissions meeting is the first step in the admissions process and is a great way to learn what CAU is all about. During the one-on-one meeting, our admissions team will provide information on programs and locations, program cost, how to apply for admission, and more.

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