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Master of Aviation Science

Master Your Aviation Skills

Become the aviation professional you’ve always wanted to be in our masters in aviation program!

The Master of Aviation Science degree program is designed for aviation professionals as it offers rigorous, broad-based curriculum to help students gain mastery of the aviation field. 

Students will complete technical aviation coursework that will include intensive analysis of airway transportation systems, airport operations, aerospace communication systems, aerospace logistics, aircraft simulation, advanced crew resource management procedures, aerospace systems safety, and advanced security and safety program management as part of their masters in aviation studies.

Students of the masters in aviation degree will apply the knowledge and skills learned throughout the program by completing a required Capstone Project in their last academic term. This course is only offered online.

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Offered online

Students can earn their master’s degree in aviation science in flexible 100% online courses.

Accelerated Program

Since classes are offered year-round, students can earn their master’s degree in approximately 1.5 years.

Graduate Services

Each student receives job-placement assistance, including resume review, interview preparation and help finding job leads upon graduation.

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  • Aviation Human Factors and Psychology
  • Aviation Safety Management
  • The Airway Transportation System
  • Security for the Aviation Industry
  • Aviation Logistics Management
  • Aerospace Technology Development

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Operations and Management

Your journey into aviation science begins with the theories and essentials of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and their application in Accident Prevention Program Management. You will learn to design, implement, and manage an SMS at the organizational level.

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Technology and Security Development

TThese courses provide you with an understanding of the history of the industry, from the first balloon flights to the sophisticated aircraft and space travel of modern times.

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Modern Aviation Systems

Studying the standards of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will equip you with knowledge of the functions, roles, and status of these organizations within the industry.

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Contemporary Issues and Trends in Aviation

This interactive course invites student discussion of matters pertaining to components, characteristics, scope, and economic significance as it applies to a range of aviation industries.

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Graduates of this program may qualify for entry-level positions in transportation, logistics and airport/transportation safety. Graduates with in-field experience may assume greater responsibility beyond an entry-level position within the aviation industry. According to O*Net OnLine, employment for these types of positions is expected to grow in California by 14% by 2026.

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