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“California Aeronautical University offered a way for me to achieve my goals that no other university could. I was drawn to the fact that CAU offered me a way to get my education and ratings in the timeliest manner possible, while also being affordable enough. I loved the fact that CAU is a small community.”

Olga Zhuchenko

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics

“I was introduced to Kern County Sheriff’s Office at a career fair held at CAU and am humbled and thankful to have this opportunity. The job search was supported by CAU’s career counselor, and I appreciate the work and effort that was put into presenting different opportunities in the field.”

Carrie Certuche

Aviation Maintenance Technology

“I decided to attend CAU because it was, in my opinion, the best option. CAU had advanced aircraft and a top-of-the-line facility. It provided everything I believed necessary to make it in the aviation field.”

Tanner Henderson

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics

“CAU was the perfect fit because it is accelerated and solely aviation-focused where I could be with others accomplishing the same goals who would understand the unique challenges and successes.”

Elza Nikita

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics

“CAU, much like the airlines, has a tried and tested program. Many have been successful, and your success is all but guaranteed if you just follow the guidance of the teaching institution.”

Aaron Hepps

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics

“After a lot of research, I decided that CAU offered the best supportive environment to accomplish my training efficiently. My ultimate goal is to own my own airline.”

Sydney Kibuuka

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics

“I really liked the speed and efficiency of the program at CAU. It has an academy-like feel, but you are acquiring a degree as well. I always doubted what I could do. The training you receive at CAU is designed to prepare you for anything and you will be surprised at what you really can do as a pilot.”

RJ Rudzitis

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics

“CAU is a great community of people that really want their students to be successful,” said Yoss. “Once I applied and was accepted, they always kept in contact with me every step of the way and that made me feel good.”

Morgan Yoss

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics

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