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Why California Aeronautical University?

With many choices available, it can be tough to decide which is the right aviation school for you. What sets CAU apart from other options?

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How important is it for you to attend a university that is focused on you being gainfully employed?

California Aeronautical University programs are career-focused and prepare students for specific career outcomes, like an airline pilot or an airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanic.

CAU students are prepared for their professional aviation careers not only through their academic and practical lessons, but also through the University’s attendance and uniform requirements so they can be well-prepared for future employer expectations.

All students are also provided job-placement assistance, including job-lead development, interview preparation, and resume building through the Office of Graduate Services.


Would you agree a fast-track, FAA-approved program can help you reach your goals more quickly?

In an industry where seniority has many benefits, the time to complete FAA flight-hour requirements can be an important component of where to attend school.

CAU courses are delivered in a year-round, fast-paced schedule that enables students to enter the pipeline for aviation careers in a shorter amount of time.

Flight students begin logging flight hours in their first term of school and can earn a bachelor’s degree and 6 certificates/ratings in about 3 years. Learn more about the flight program timeline at CAU.

Maintenance students can earn their career-focused diploma in about 17 months.

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CAU students on campus

University Degree

How important is to you to maintain a competitive advantage with a degree to complement your ratings and certificates?

Along with earning the necessary FAA certificates and ratings required to start a commercial pilot career, CAU students also earn a university degree - at the same time.

Based on typical flight progression, bachelor’s degree students can earn 4 certificates and ratings within 2 years of school, * while simultaneously taking general education courses for their degree.

During the last year of the bachelor’s degree program, students earn 2 more certificates and rating, CFII and multi-engine, and take upper division courses.

These degree courses allow students to develop their aviation depth of knowledge and offer a solid core of business courses designed to provide a firm foundation into the “real” world of aviation business.

Part 141 - Flight-Hour and Age Benefits

How much time and money could you save from a 500 flight-hour reduction towards a restricted airline pilot certificate (R-ATP)?

CAU is Part 141 approved, which means CAU has met strict federal regulations regarding its structured flight training curriculum, training facility, and flight instructors.

This approval helps each student receive consistent, high-quality instruction, and enables students to meet important flight milestones and ensure quality at various stages throughout their training.

Part 141 approval also provides benefits to students who earn a bachelor’s degree. Eligible CAU graduates can benefit from a 500 flight-hour reduction when pursuing their Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certification while also reducing the minimum age for eligibility.

Candidates without a bachelor’s degree typically need 1,500 hours and must be at least 23 to be eligible for their ATP. Eligible CAU graduates can qualify for a restricted ATP (R-ATP) with only 1,000 hours at the age of 21.

These crucial career time-saving benefits put CAU graduates in the pipeline for jobs much quicker than other candidates for positions at airlines.

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CAU Supports Veterans - flags

Veteran Education Benefits – GI Bill®

How important is it for your university to meet federal standards to accept education benefits for our nation's service members?

CAU is proud to accept veteran education benefits, including the Post-9/11 GI Bill, for eligible students to use towards their education. The University also participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program which can provide additional funds to cover tuition and expenses while attending CAU.

Financial Aid

Do you find value in receiving one-on-one assistance from your university's financial services team as you navigate how to pay for school?

As an accredited university, CAU offers access to federal financial aid to those who qualify, including grants, loans, and scholarships. CAU also offers tuition reduction programs, including a $10,000 award to eligible students applying to the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics program.


Direct Path to Airlines

How important is it to you for your aviation university to offer streamlined pathways to both major and regional airlines?

California Aeronautical University has partnered with several airlines, including the airlines below, to create opportunities for their graduates upon completion of their aviation degree program. Most partnerships provide a direct pathway into the airline’s cadet program and may also provide access to tuition reimbursement programs. Often, students may even receive conditional job offers before they graduate. Strong and growing relationships between the University and important airline partners are critical to the success of CAU graduates entering the field.

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CAU Support - admin and student

University Support

How important is it to you to have direct, one-on-one academic support?

California Aeronautical University is actively invested in student success. All flight instruction and online courses are delivered by CAU, with no courses or flight instruction contracted to a third-party partner. The Office of Student Success provides support to students throughout their time at CAU to help them reach their full potential.

CAU’s Graduate Services Department is available to provide individualized career planning assistance to help prepare students for gainful employment. They work with students early on to help them develop marketable soft skills and advise on career choices. And when they’re ready, Graduate Services also assists students with interview prep and resume building as they apply for airline cadet programs.

Immersive Aviation Experience

Do you find value in immersing yourself with people who understand the unique challenges and successes of becoming a pilot?

Students who attend CAU’s main campus in Bakersfield, CA enjoy an immersive aviation experience.

Home to an expansive 39,000 square foot flight center, 32 shaded hangar ports, onsite maintenance facility, dispatch center, and 32,000 square foot hangar, CAU’s purpose-built flight training facility provides a training culture that embodies the aviation mission.

With on-campus student housing, dining facility, and recreation center just steps away from the flight line, CAU students can truly live, eat, and breathe aviation.

Plus, living on-campus and studying with others who understand the unique challenge of pursuing a pilot career can offer a more enriched learning experience.

CAU Immersive Aviation Campus
consistent weather - flying over ventura county

Consistent Flight Conditions

Would you agree good weather conditions can help maintain a fast-track pathway towards your pilot career?

CAU’s on-airport locations in California and Arizona offer near-perfect weather year-round. Without the worry of extreme weather grounding aircraft, these consistent flight conditions provide the opportunity for more flight lessons which allows for reaching flight milestones faster.

Non-Biased Admissions Team

Do you find value in being treated as more than just a number?

CAU’s Admissions Team is dedicated to the success of prospective students. Through the admissions interview process, the Team provides information about CAU, including program structure, cost, and career outcomes, so that students can make an informed decision about their education.

Admissions also discovers each student’s unique career goals and recommends an education pathway, which may include CAU or another type of school that better matches their goals.

The CAU Admissions Team does not receive commission based on enrollments.

Schedule an admissions meeting today to learn more about CAU today.

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Aviation Partners

How important is it to you for your university to have strong aviation partnerships?

Through the University’s strong partnerships with airlines, influential aviation organizations, and leaders in the aviation community, CAU graduates become a part of a larger aviation network and reap the benefits of these relationships.

CAU Aviation Partners

*Each student’s flight progression will vary based upon flight efficiency and employment as a CFI. This flight progression is not guaranteed. GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at | Veterans Affairs.

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