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CAU graduates qualify for the SkyWest Airlines Pilot Cadet Program.

Program participants receive a conditional offer of employment and SkyWest company ID. Additionally, cadets are mentored by SkyWest pilots and are guaranteed an interview for a first officer position with the Airline.

Cadet Program Highlights

Mentorship from SkyWest pilots

Seniority benefits begins

Guaranteed interview for first officer position

About SkyWest Airlines

As a leading air service provider offering global access to millions of people each month, SkyWest partners with the world’s largest network carriers including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines. SkyWest is known for its industry-leading workforce, exceptional leadership team, and continued solid operational and economic performance.

  • 410 aircraft
  • 12,700 aviation professionals
  • 2,200 flights each day
  • 238 destinations throughout North America

For more information, visit www.skywest.com.

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