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The Benefits of Airline Cadet Programs

The Benefits of Airline Cadet Programs - CAU

Do you dream about traveling the world as a pilot? Are you still fascinated with watching airplanes take off and land? Most pilots have been interested in aviation from a young age and are passionate about flying. Many professional aviators still remember the nervous excitement from when they were starting flight school and how valuable …


What Exactly is the FAA 1500 Hour Rule?

FAA 1500 Hour Rule - California Aeronautical University

What exactly is the FAA 1500 hour rule? In very simple terms, the FAA 1500 hour rule specifies a time limit before pilots are granted an ATP License. [lwptoc numeration=”decimalnested” numerationSuffix=”dot” title=”TABLE OF CONTENTS” labelShow=”show” width=”full” titleFontSize=”20px” titleFontWeight=”bold” itemsFontSize=”14px” hoverLinkColor=”#f7b138″ skipHeadingLevel=”h3,h4,h5,h6″ skipHeadingText=”Share This:”] The introduction of the FAA 1500 hour rule was introduced in 2013 …


4 Ways to Prepare for Airline Interviews

Airline Interviews - Cal Aero University

Airline interviews are often different from all other job interviews as they usually consist of technical questions. Learn how to ace your airline interview with these tips. [lwptoc numeration=”decimalnested” labelHide=”hide” skipHeadingLevel=”h3″ skipHeadingText=””] If you have prepared for a career as an airline pilot, then you know that the airline interview process can be overwhelming. However, …


3 Incredible Benefits of Becoming an Airline Pilot

Becoming an Airline Pilot - California Aeronautical University

Flying as an airline pilot is one of the most visible jobs in the aviation industry. It is the profession the general public most often pictures when they think of someone employed as a pilot. While there are many different and valuable paths an aviator can take, including charter or corporate work, military service, and …


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