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Restrictions of A Private Pilot Certificate

What Are The Restrictions of A Private Pilot Certificate?

Safety and success in aviation is a matter of knowing what possible and which limitations surround an aircraft or airspace. Smart pilots are also informed of the restrictions surrounding themselves. Becoming fully aware of the restrictions surrounding a flight is an important first step in conducting a safe one. Focusing on restrictions on a certificate or an aircraft need not...

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Private Jet Charter Pilot

Job Opportunities As A Private Jet Charter Pilot

When pilots reveal to a new acquaintance what they do for a living, the next question is usually: “Which airline?” While major and regional airlines, as well as the military, employ the majority of pilots, a significant portion of the pilot population works in general aviation or for a charter flight company. It is a career path which, due to...

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Why Are Airplanes Pressurized - California Aeronautical University

Why Are Airplanes Pressurized?

“For your comfort, the cabin will be pressurized.” Passengers hear this as part of in-flight announcements as they settle into their seats, but most might not know how this takes place, much less why. Airplane pressurization seems like a mystery; it’s important for those with this knowledge to have a good understanding of how it works. Even pilots who fly...

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Maintaining the Correct Course When Flying an Aircraft - CalAero

Maintaining the Correct Course When Flying

Maintaining the correct course in the air is as easy as following the line on the GPS, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not so simple. What happens when your cockpit GPS isn’t operational, or is loaded with outdated maps? What if strong crosswinds blow you off track? It’s important to know how to navigate without relying on the line on the...

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Wing Flaps Function and Purpose

Wing Flaps: How Do They Function and What Is Their Purpose?

The first step to growing as a safe and competent pilot is to fully understand how an aircraft works. This includes understanding every part of an airplane, especially its control surfaces and how they affect performance. Fully comprehending the ways in which various sections of the airplane affect aerodynamics, as well as how the laws of aerodynamics work on the...

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