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Aviation Communication - California Aeronautical University

Understanding Aviation Communication (and Its Importance)

Aviation communication is an essential part of every aspect of the aviation industry, from pilots to mechanics to traffic control. The word “communications” might lead many in the non-aviation world to immediately think of marketing, social media posts, or human resources. All of these play a role in the aviation industry however, aviation communication also refers to the unique...

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Airplane Avionics - California Aeronautical University

What Is Avionics and How Do They Affect Pilots?

Avionics affects pilots in nearly every aspect of flying, but what is it and why is it important? The word “avionics” is an abbreviation for aviation electronics. The senior editor of Aviation Week and Space Technology, Phillip J. Klass, first used the term in 1949. Avionics can include navigation, radio, monitoring of aircraft performance. It involves the design, installation,...

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Ground Reference Maneuvers - California Aeronautical University

Ground Reference Maneuvers: A Student’s Guide

Student pilots must become familiar with ground reference maneuvers in order to demonstrate controlled airmanship. Ground reference maneuvers involve using an airplane’s flight controls to affect the course of flight. Knowing these are necessary to operate in an airport traffic pattern. A solid understanding of pitch, roll, and yaw are all involved, as are learning to understand the...

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Airplane Maintenance - California Aeronautical University

The Importance of Airplane Maintenance

Airplane maintenance is essential to ensure that the aircraft has no damage, is working properly, and can fly safely. Most people understand that it is necessary to regularly service an automobile to keep it in good running condition. After all, well-serviced cars last longer and are less likely to experience a breakdown and they are also most likely safer....

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Airplane Flight Controls - California Aeronautical University

Your Guide to Flight Controls

Having a deep understanding of flight controls and instruments are crucial for a safe flight. Here is what you should know. Flight controls are the actual instrumentation and items which pilots use to control an aircraft. They are the primary tools of the pilot. All aircraft, even gliders, have flight controls, but advanced airplanes offer pilots a wide variety...

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