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Learning to Fly In Cold Weather - California Aeronautical University

4 Disadvantages of Learning to Fly In Cold Weather

Taking flight lessons is an exciting next step, but for some student pilots, it can be frustrating to learn how to fly in cold weather. Student pilots who begin training in such places as Buffalo, North Dakota, or Alaska, may suddenly find themselves frustrated by the weather in areas where they might have grown up. (The average monthly temperature in...

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Aviation Weather and PIREPs - California Aeronautical University

4 Steps to Understanding Aviation Weather and PIREPS

Weather briefings are of vital importance in aviation. No matter where you are starting or where you are headed, taking off without proper meteorological information is a gamble. These four steps will help you to understand aviation weather and PIREPS. Inclement weather can strand pilots who are unable to fly IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) or,...

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AIRMET vs SIGMET - California Aeronautical University

AIRMET vs SIGMET: What You Need to Know

When flying, it's important to know the difference between AIRMET vs SIGMET, and what to do when alerted of one. Here's what each pilot should know. One of the first aspects about aviation that student pilots usually learn is that weather awareness is a massive aspect of flight. Looking out the window at what...

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Crosswind Landing - California Aeronautical University

4 Considerations of a Crosswind Landing Every Great Pilot Should Know

A crosswind landing can be stressful and difficult, here are four considerations that every great pilot should know. Inexperienced pilots sometimes fly in dread of a crosswind landing.  Sometimes experienced aviators prefer to avoid them. Such extreme conditions are usually rare, however, and safe pilots tend to avoid such landing situations to begin with. Professional...

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Crew Resource Management - California Aeronautical University

Sky Safety: Understanding Crew Resource Management (CRM) In Aviation

Crew Resource Management (CRM) is a little-known aspect of aviation within the general public. However, it is as vital as checking the weather and conducting a pre-flight walkaround. Crew resource management focuses on strong decision-making skills, problem solving techniques, and effective teamwork to improve the safety culture within a flight. Whether on a military transport,...

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