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An Overview of Different Careers in Aviation

An Overview of Different Careers in Aviation - CAU

If you dream of surfing the blue skies above for a living, aviation hiring opportunities are trending up. Whether you prefer to view the skyline from the pilot’s seat or to observe the horizon from the ground, there is a multitude of careers in aviation to choose from. As an ever-growing industry, one can find …

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CAU Honors Over 7,500 Fallen Heroes with Tribute Aircraft

tribute aircraft CAU

California Aeronautical University (CAU) returns to air shows and other events to pay tribute and honor aviation with the tribute aircraft.  As in years past, the University has been touring California and neighboring states to promote aviation awareness to the next generation. CAU teams up with crowd-thrilling aerobatic pilot Vicky Benzing and brings the crowd-favorite …

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What Can You Do With an Aviation Degree?

What Can You Do With an Aviation Degree? - CAU

A wide variety of professional opportunities are available for those with an aviation degree. Aeronautical school is a great place to begin your education for your aviation profession, including careers as an airline pilot, aircraft mechanic, or air traffic controller. Depending on the degree, other career paths could include science and technology, engineering, teaching, business …

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The Benefits of Airline Cadet Programs

The Benefits of Airline Cadet Programs - CAU

Do you dream about traveling the world as a pilot? Are you still fascinated with watching airplanes take off and land? Most pilots have been interested in aviation from a young age and are passionate about flying. Many professional aviators still remember the nervous excitement from when they were starting flight school and how valuable …

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