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Professional Pilot Certificate

Professional Pilot Certificate Student Studying | CAU

The Fast Track

For students who want to move quickly into the aviation field the CAU Professional Pilot Certificate program is an excellent choice.

Experienced flight instructors teach basic flight fundamentals for entry-level positions in commercial aviation and students get immediate flying practice and are often eligible for their first solo flight within a matter of weeks in our professional pilot certificate program. Students can earn four licenses/ratings (private pilot, instrument rated pilot, and commercial pilot – single and multi-engine) in a shorter time frame than other pilot programs. Our professional pilot certificate program is a good fit for people looking to move into an aviation career.


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Professional Pilot Certificate | CAU

Professional Pilot Certificate Highlights

  • Certificate level professional pilot program
  • Fast track certificate program – potential to complete program within 10 months.
  • 250 flight hours (maximum)
  • 19 quarter credits

Program Offered

*hybrid program including online courses

Bakersfield, CA Oxnard, CA* San Diego, CA*

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Professional Pilot Certificate Course List

  • AER 100 Introduction to Aviation Concepts
  • AER 110 Intermediate Aviation Concepts
  • AER 115 Aircraft Systems
  • AER 120 Private Pilot Ground School
  • AER 121 Private Pilot Flight
  • AER 200 Crew Resource Management
  • AER 210 Advanced Aviation Concepts
  • AER 220 Instrument Pilot Ground School
  • AER 221 Instrument Pilot Flight
  • AER 230 Commercial Pilot Ground School I
  • AER 231 Commercial Pilot Flight I
  • AER 241 Commercial Pilot Flight II
  • AER 250 Commercial Pilot Ground School II
  • AER 251 Commercial Pilot Flight III
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  • Associates degree level commercial pilot program
  • Fast track program – potential to complete program within 18 months
  • 340 flight hours (maximum)
  • 96 quarter credits
  • 250 hour reduction in FAA-mandated flight time for an air transport pilot (ATP)
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B.S. in Aeronautics

  • Bachelor’s degree level pilot program
  • Duration: 3 years (approximate)
  • 340 flight hours (maximum)
  • 184 quarter credits
  • 500 hour reduction in FAA-mandated flight time for an air transport pilot (ATP)
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