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Private Pilot Certificate

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The private pilot certificate is where it begins.

The Private Pilot Certificate is usually the first milestone in an aviation student’s career. Students get to experience the thrill of their first solo flight and are instructed in the basic principles of flight, fundamental flight maneuvers, preflight procedures, navigation and cross country operations, takeoffs/landings, emergency procedures and night operations.

Weight and balance calculations and the entire spectrum of aircraft performance are covered in detail during the course of the private pilot certificate program and students learn essential aviation skills. Private pilot certificate program graduates are knowledgeable, confident and ready to take their career to the next level!


Earn within first year of training

Students in the professional pilot degree programs can earn their Commercial Pilot Certificate within their second academic year.

Ground + Flight Training

In a combination of classroom and flight instruction, students are prepared for the successful completion of the Private Pilot Certificate.

Complete 1st Solo and Cross County Flights

Students are prepared for solo flights and cross-country operations.


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Get to experience the thrill

The Private Pilot Certificate program covers the following modules:

  • Basic Instrument Maneuvers
  • Stalls
  • Spin Entry
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Night Operations
  • Pre/Post-Flight Briefings
  • Flight Controls
  • Avionics Operations
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Certificates and Ratings

Students in CAU commercial pilot programs earn the following certificates/ratings:


Private Pilot Ground School

During your time on the ground, you will become proficient with the vital aspects of flying private aircraft during solo flights and cross-country navigation. You will become familiar with the basic principles of flight and with the process of fundamental flight maneuvers.

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Private Pilot Flight School

This is where the book knowledge becomes hands-on experience. Applying what you have learned, you will perform various skills while in the air. You will execute takeoffs and landings while performing instrument maneuvers, addressing stalls and spin entry, applying emergency procedures, and conducting night flying operations.

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Obtaining the Private Pilot Certificate is often the first step toward a career in aviation. While many seek the qualification for personal use, those with this certification can also seek to become employed in various capacities. Entities which hire individuals with a Private Pilot Certificate include those seeking private transportation, those in need of a charter service, or businesses in need of goods transporting.

Private pilots are also qualified to operate as Air Traffic Controllers. As of 2018, the annual median salary for an Air Traffic Controller was $124,540, and the need for more qualified individuals in this position is increasing at a rate of approx. 3% per year. As an Air Traffic Controller, practicing sound aeronautical judgment will be one of the many responsibilities expected of you. Agencies which hire Air Traffic Controllers include the Federal Aviation Administration.

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