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Multi-Engine Flight Training

Multi Engine Flight Training

Included in Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics program. For the Commercial Pilot Multi-Part 1 certification, advanced instruction continues to further develop skills in IFR and commercial areas of operation.

Through the multi engine flight training course, students learn to assist with the development of accurate and effective Aeronautical Decision-Making skills during normal and emergency flight scenarios. Flight planning now includes a more advanced weather analysis and instruction on advanced instrument displays.


Multi-Engine Flight 30 Hours, 2 Credit Hours This course prepares the student for multi-engine aircraft operations to include propulsion failures and the associated aerodynamic considerations to maintain safe aircraft control. Adverse aerodynamic flight characteristics are encountered and handled during the analysis and crew response to simulated engine malfunctions inflight. The student will build upon those skills achieved in the single-engine land (SEL) course and attain the skills, knowledge, and proficiency required for a multi-engine Commercial rating. Preparation for advanced turbine-powered aircraft operation is accomplished by applying the principles learned during this course. The course prepares students for successful completion of the Commercial Pilot Certificate. This course is graded on a pass/fail basis. Students need their “Airplane Multi-Engine Land rating with High Performance endorsement.” Prerequisites: Commercial Pilot Ground School I (AER 230); Commercial Pilot Flight III (AER 253) and Commercial Pilot Ground School II (AER 241)

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