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A certified flight instructor has an incredibly important job.

We are all only as good as the training we receive, so the importance of certified flight instructor training cannot be understated.

CAU provides in-depth, comprehensive flight instructor certification training that results in a highly qualified, knowledgeable certified flight instructor who cares deeply for his or her students and is committed to their success.

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Certificated Flight Instructor I (Basic)

The Basic Certified flight Instructor (CFI) course focuses on students learning the flight maneuvering skills necessary to become a certified flight instructor in California. Topics covered during the program include – stall entry and recognition, unusual attitude awareness, collision and wake turbulence avoidance to further understanding that the ultimate safe flying environment is essential.

Students are encouraged to self-critique for each lesson and phase of basic flight instruction to make sure they become effective instructors. Maturity and proficiency must be demonstrated by the student to be an effective aviation instructor. It’s important to attend an FAA-approved flight school in California if you are seeking an flight instructor certification.

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Certificates and Ratings

Students in CAU commercial pilot programs earn the following certificates/ratings: