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The Fast Track Aviation Degree

Are you ready to get your future on the right path? Look no further! CAU’s Aviation degree program is a great choice for those ready to enter the commercial aviation industry.

In our Aviation degree program you’ll learn flight fundamentals from experienced instructors and valuable communication and career building skills that enhance their employment potential. We know you’re ready to fly, and with up to 4 days a week of actual flying, you’ll gain enough aviation training in both ground and flight instruction to earn six different aviation licenses/ratings upon graduation.

The variety of licenses from the Aviation Degree program (private pilot, instrument rated pilot, certified flight instructor, certified flight instructor instrument and commercial pilot-single and multi-engine) gives you a wider range of employment options to choose from at graduation. You’ll also receive a 250-hour reduction in their FAA-mandated Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) flight hour requirement (normally 1500 hours) and the opportunity to interview for a flight instructor position.

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Aviation Training | CAU

Aviation Training Highlights

  • Associate degree level commercial pilot program
  • Fast track aviation training program – potential to complete program within 18 months
  • 250-340 flight hours
  • 96 quarter credits
  • 250 hour reduction in FAA-mandated flight time for an air transport pilot (ATP)

Program Offered

*hybrid program including online courses

Bakersfield, CA
Oxnard, CA*
San Diego, CA*

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Aviation Degree Course List

    • Aviation Concepts
    • Private Pilot
    • Advance Aviation
    • Commercial Pilot Flight
    • Certified Flight Instructor
    • Communication
    • Psychology
    • Spanish

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      • Duration: 3 years (approximate)
      • 250-340 flight hours
      • 184 quarter credits
      • 500 hour reduction in FAA-mandated flight time for an air transport pilot (ATP)
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