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A.S. in Aviation Studies

Aviation Degree | CAU

The Fast Track Aviation Degree

Are you ready to get your future on the right path? Look no further! CAU’s Aviation degree program is a great choice for those ready to enter the commercial aviation industry.

In our Aviation degree program you’ll learn flight fundamentals from experienced instructors and valuable communication and career building skills that enhance their employment potential. We know you’re ready to fly, and with up to 4 days a week of actual flying, you’ll gain enough aviation training in both ground and flight instruction to earn six different aviation licenses/ratings upon graduation.

The variety of licenses from the Aviation Degree program (private pilot, instrument rated pilot, certified flight instructor, certified flight instructor instrument and commercial pilot-single and multi-engine) gives you a wider range of employment options to choose from at graduation. You’ll also receive a 250-hour reduction in their FAA-mandated Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) flight hour requirement (normally 1500 hours) and the opportunity to interview for a flight instructor position. Learn more about ATP requirements and how CAU graduates qualify for a R-ATP.


Fly in the First Term

Professional pilot students can receive flight instruction during their first term of school.

FAA Part 141 Approval

CAU is FAA Part 141 approved. Graduates of the associate’s degree program benefit by a 250 flight-hour reduction when seeking their ATP certificate.

Direct Pathway to Airline Cadet Programs

CAU has partnered with several regional airlines to create opportunities for their professional pilot students, many of which include a direct pathway to the airline’s cadet program.

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Aviation Degree Course List

    • Aviation Concepts
    • Private Pilot
    • Advance Aviation
    • Commercial Pilot Flight
    • Certified Flight Instructor
    • Communication
    • Psychology
    • Spanish

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Aviation Concepts and Aircraft Systems

Your journey into the world of aviation begins with learning some fundamentals of the craft. During this part of your aviation degree training, you will learn about the importance of Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and the Airman’s Information Manual (AIM).

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Private Pilot Flight

This is where the rubber leaves the road. During this portion of your aviation degree training, you will obtain the knowledge necessary to pass the Private Pilot examination. You will learn how to interpret airport signs, lighting, radio communications, and traffic sequencing.

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Instrumental Pilot Flight

For this unit of your aviation degree, you will be prepared to add an Instrument Rating to your flight certificate. You will learn about the effects of flight on human physiology, along with learning more about ATC procedures, Navigational Aids (NAVAIDs), and instrument flight rules (IFRs) that are applied during emergencies.

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Crew Instructor and Crew Management

A commercial pilot wouldn’t get far without his or her crew. In this section of your courses, you will study the information necessary to manage a crew and become certified as a flight instructor.

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Commercial Pilot Flight

These course sections provide you with the knowledge necessary to earn your FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Airplane, Single-Engine, Land rating.

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Successful completion of this aviation degree prepares the student for a career as an Commercial Pilot or Airline Pilot. As a commercial pilot, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to fly passengers professionally. Organizations that may hire professional pilots include airlines, government agencies, tour and charter operations, private companies, flight schools, cargo carriers and a variety of other agencies.

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Aviation Training | CAU

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