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Bakersfield, CA - Main Campus

An Immersive Aviation Experience

Ideally located at Meadows Field Airport, California Aeronautical University’s flight training facilities on the main campus offer an immersive aviation experience where students live, eat, and breathe aviation.


The California Aeronautical University main campus is an unparalleled, purpose-built flight training facility in the heart of California's Central Coast. The area offers near-perfect, flyable weather year-round and is conveniently centered between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Real-World Experience

With an active lit runway and control tower at Meadows Field, 24-hour flight availability, varied terrain and steady area traffic for real-world flight conditions, students get the benefit of practicing in a variety of airport conditions. There is no substitute for the practical experience students gain from being completely immersed in this aviation environment at the main campus.

Live, Eat, Breathe Aviation

The tree-lined main campus is home to an expansive 39,000 square-foot flight center just feet from the aircraft and our 32,000 square-foot hangar. Other amenities include on-campus student housing, dining facility, and recreation center with athletic courts and pool. CAU students live, eat, and breathe aviation in this immersive environment.

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An Enriched Learning Experience

Home to an expansive flight center, onsite maintenance facility, and dispatch center, CAU's purpose-built flight training facility provides a training culture that embodies the aviation mission.

Plus, living on-campus and studying with others who understand the unique challenges of being an aviation student can provide a more enriched learning experience.

Additional features our Bakersfield location offers:
  • A 39,000-square-foot administration and flight operations center that houses university offices, classrooms, flight-planning room, dispatch center, and simulator rooms.
  • 32 shaded hangar ports.
  • An adjacent 32,000-square-foot hangar for students training in CAU’s aircraft maintenance program.
  • Comfortable, onsite housing with 168 student rooms, lounge areas, meeting rooms, and laundry facilities.
  • Double occupancy rooms with private bathroom and study area.
  • Campus recreation center, pool, fully equipped gym and athletic courts.

Programs Offered

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Designed for comfort so students feel at home but equipped with the perfect tools and technology for stimulating training; CAU’s exceptional main campus combines the best of both worlds. A great education is more than pencils and books. It’s sharing your dream of a career in flight with people just like you; and getting there together.

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