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A Typical Day for an AMT

A Typical Day for an AMT - CAU

Jet planes are powerful machines that can travel above the clouds, reaching incredible heights and faraway destinations. But they may only take to the skies with proper care, maintenance, and continual safety checks. Before an airplane leaves the ground, an experienced Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) must ensure that it is inspected, routinely maintained, and serviced. …


Women in Aviation Maintenance

Women in Aviation Maintenance - CAU

When people think about aircraft maintenance technicians, they usually picture men in coveralls. It is similar to pilots but with different uniforms. These are stereotypes, of course, yet it is statistically more common to see a male pilot or a male aviation mechanic. Historically, men have filled those roles. Facts are facts, whether it is …


Importance of Preventative Aviation Maintenance: Your Guide to A&P Maintenance

Importance of Preventative Aviation Maintenance - CAU

The safest aircraft are those that are maintained regularly. Some airplanes require constant maintenance just to be considered airworthy. However, as with a car, waiting until something breaks is not an effective way to keep it in optimal condition. Implementing a proactive cycle to keep the aircraft running safely and smoothly is much better: upkeep …


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