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Importance of Preventative Aviation Maintenance: Your Guide to A&P Maintenance

Importance of Preventative Aviation Maintenance - CAU

The safest aircraft are those that are maintained regularly. Some airplanes require constant maintenance just to be considered airworthy. However, as with a car, waiting until something breaks is not an effective way to keep it in optimal condition. Implementing a proactive cycle to keep the aircraft running safely and smoothly is much better: upkeep …


The Importance of Airplane Maintenance

Airplane Maintenance - California Aeronautical University

Airplane maintenance is essential to ensure that the aircraft has no damage, is working properly, and can fly safely. [lwptoc] Most people understand that it is necessary to regularly service an automobile to keep it in good running condition. After all, well-serviced cars last longer and are less likely to experience a breakdown and they …


How Are Airplanes Repaired and Maintained?

Airplane Repair & Maintenance

It’s easy to think of airplane maintenance as simply “fixing what’s broken.” But there’s much more to than that to keeping an airplane healthy and in flying condition. Before you step into the cockpit or passenger’s seat, there’s a lot to think about regarding the airplane’s maintenance status. Maintenance needs are different depending on the …


What Maintenance is Required to Keep Planes Safe & Sound?

Airplane Maintenance Inspection

Since flying is such a complex operation, the reality of maintenance on any aircraft type can seem daunting. However, by paying close attention to the aircraft’s operation and keeping track of flight hours, pilots can keep their airplanes flying for years. Military aircraft follow maintenance procedures and intervals which are similar to the civilian world. …


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