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United Airlines


Aviate is United Airlines’ industry-leading pilot career development program offering both aspiring flight students and commercial pilots a defined career path to United as a First Officer.

As an Aviate university partner, current and former CAU students and instructors are eligible to apply to Aviate.

When CAU applicants are accepted into Aviate, they’ll continue building hours toward their R-ATP certificate. Then, they’ll have the opportunity to fly for an Aviate United Express partner or Part 135 partner, before ultimately transitioning to United.

They’ll also gain access to travel privileges to United destinations around the world and to invaluable coaching and mentorship opportunities from United pilots that can help create a seamless transition to the airline.

Participants must hold their private pilot certificate, first class medical, be in good standing with CAU, and have no more than four primary training failures.

Potential Pilot Career Pathway*

Program Highlights

Most direct path to United

Travel privileges


Fly in the First Term - CAU

Access to United networking

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Pathway Options

Once Aviate participants have logged the required 1,000 hours towards their R-ATP, they have two available routes to build the required 1,200 PIC (pilot in command) flight hours before reaching United as a First Officer:

  • Fly for United Express carriers: CommuteAir, GoJet Airlines, Mesa Airlines
  • Fly for Part 135 operators: Ameriflight, JSX, Tradewind, Wiggins Airways

Program Benefits

  • Successful candidates receive a conditional job offer (CJO)
  • Aviate offers the most direct pathway to becoming a United pilot
  • Opportunity to connect and network with United team members
  • Receive coaching from a United pilot
  • Enjoy access to travel privileges

About United Airlines

United Airlines, Inc. is a major American airline headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. With the most comprehensive route network among North American carriers, United has optimal hub locations, including hubs in the four largest cities in the U.S., and employs approximately 700,000 aviation professionals. United Airlines is looking for outstanding leaders who want to join the very best team of pilots in the aviation industry.

Learn more at https://unitedaviate.com/aviate-program-career-paths/attending-a-university.

Updated September 2023

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