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Professional Pilot Programs

“The best pilots fly more than the others; that's why they're the best.” Chuck Yaeger

The Journey Begins

When you begin CAU’s aviation and professional pilot program in the School of Aviation, it’s pretty clear from the start that you’re beginning an exciting journey. You may be flying the blue skies of Southern California aboard California Aeronautical University aircraft during your very first term of training.

Back on the ground, experienced instructors will begin introducing you to realistic flight training on advanced flight simulators, practical demonstrations and dynamic lectures as part of your professional pilot program that will have you wanting to learn more. Students get professional commercial pilot training and enjoy the process of getting there.

Professional Pilot Program Plane | CAU


We would love to show you what CAU’s professional pilot program is all about!

Choose your flight plan

Whether you are interested in a professional pilot program, obtaining a private pilot license, or want to know how to become an airline pilot, California Aeronautical University offers training to help you launch your aviation career.


CAU Aircraft

 CAU Pilot Program Aircraft Cessna172

Cessna 172 G1000

The ultimate training aircraft, students in the CAU professional pilot program begin their pilot training in the four-seat, 180-horsepower Cessna Skyhawk. The flight deck is powered by the Garmin G1000 avionics suite.

CAU Pilot Program Aircraft Cessna210

Cessna 172 RG

A high performance single-engine aircraft with five seats and 310 horsepower, this aircraft features a retractable landing gear and will be used in complex aircraft training as part of our professional pilot program.

CAU Pilot Program Aircraft Baron 58

Baron 55

A twin-engine aircraft, the Beechcraft Baron provides CAU students the opportunity to fly a more complex aircraft with fully retractable, tricycle landing gear.

Flight Training Devices

MCX Redbird Simulator - CAU Pilot Program

Redbird MCX 172 Configuration
Dual Control Motion

The MCX flight training device comes with a dual yoke, dual rudders, full motion, and Garmin G-1000 cockpit, which provides enhanced training for our students. The dual controls allow both the instructor and/or co-pilot to demonstrate maneuvers from the right seat during the professional pilot program. The dual yoke and dual rudder pedals also allow for simultaneous control from both the left and right seats

Single Control Simulator - CAU Pilot Program

Redbird SD 172 Configuration
Single Control

The SD is a fully enclosed flight training device with a Garmin G-1000 cockpit that provides a realistic training environment. The SD features a single yoke and single rudder simulator, along with a full enclosure, which creates an ideal training platform for standard flight training as well as instrument flight training.

Twin Dual Simulator for CAU's Professional Pilot Program

Frasca Baron 58P Configuration
Twin Dual Control

The Frasca Barron 58 is a dual yoke and dual rudder flight simulator allowing for both the instructor and/or co-pilot to control the simulator from both the left and right seat. This simulator will be used for multi-engine flight training and provide realistic handling and performance of a twin engine Beechcraft Barron aircraft.

Professional Pilot Program Options

A.S. Aviation Studies

  • Associate’s degree level commercial pilot program
  • Fast-track program – potential to complete program within 18 months
  • 250-340 flight hours
  • 96 quarter credits
  • 250-hour reduction in FAA-mandated flight time for an air transport pilot (ATP)
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B.S. in Aeronautics

  • Bachelor’s degree level pilot program
  • Duration: 3 years (approximate)
  • 250-340 flight hours
  • 184 quarter credits
  • 500-hour reduction in FAA-mandated flight time for an air transport pilot (ATP)
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