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Student Pilot Tips Taylor and Elza landing in Tucson - California Aeronautical University

4 Essential Tips for Every Student Pilot

There is a lot to think about regarding flight training. Those who take on the challenge of becoming a student pilot are beginning an exciting and exhilarating new period in their lives, whether they have the ambition of being lifelong private pilots or spending an entire career in the cockpit. No matter the goal at...

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Night Flying - California Aeronautical University

4 Surprising Facts About Night Flying

Night flying poses different risks and considerations than flying during the day – here are 4 surprising facts about flying at night. For the general public, “flying at night” means trying (and usually failing) to get some sleep in an uncomfortable, tiny seat while not bothering one’s row neighbors on either side. It usually makes for a tiring trip and...

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Qualities of Great Certified Flight Instructors - California Aeronautical University

Four Qualities of the Best Flight Instructors

When a professional pilot is asked who helped him or her the most along the way, the answer is most often a certified flight instructor (CFI.) Great flight instructors have many qualities, but the most important one is that he or she is invested in his or her students. Commitment to service leads to all...

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Aeronautical Decision Making For Pilots - California Aeronautical University

The Importance of Aeronautical Decision Making

Aeronautical decision making is essential to safe aviation and pilots. Here are 3 aspects of ADM that every student pilot should understand. A good pilot is a decisive one. This does not mean that snap judgements are made based on first impressions. Instead, aeronautical decision making (ADM) is a matter of weighing all the information a...

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Private Pilot Checkride - California Aeronautical University

What Happens During Your Private Pilot Checkride?

Once a flight instructor is confident that a student pilot is ready to take flight entirely on his or her own, he or she will endorse the student for their private pilot checkride. Your CAU instructor will have completely prepared you for this moment, but a pilot’s private certificate checkride is usually one of...

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