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Design of Airplane Wings - California Aeronautical University

Mastering Lift: The Design Of Airplane Wings

As our understanding of lift and basic aeronautical principals has improved and changed, so has the design of airplane wings. Wing design is an incredibly important aspect of aeronautical engineering. Now that computer software and advanced wind tunnel technology are aiding in the development of wing design, we are better able to understand how to best harness lift. In addition,...

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Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor CFI - California Aeronautical University

What Do You Do Once You Earn Your CFI?

For many pilots, becoming a flight instructor is an important career goal which allows them to gain experience, build time, and earn money as a pilot. Completing the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) requirements for becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) requires commitment, planning, and true dedication to aviation. However, many pilots are not content to reach this goal and rest....

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Aviation Culture and Community - California Aeronautical University

What Does Aviation Culture Entail?

The term "aviation culture" is often used in the industry, but what does it mean? What does it include? Depending on who is asked, you might get different answers. An airport administrator might offer one reply and an aircraft mechanic another. A pilot nearing retirement could give one response, and a 16-year-old student pilot another.   Understanding Aviation Culture Flight...

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Private Jets And Commercial Flying - California Aeronautical University

The World of Private Jets

When someone speaks of wanting to make a career as a pilot, the automatic assumption of many is that he or she wishes to become an airline aviator. The bulk of pilots are indeed behind the passenger jets that fill the skies. However, much of the aviation world is populated by pilots who fly for corporate clients. This aspect of...

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Why Is There A Pilot Shortage

Why Is There A Pilot Shortage?

It’s no secret that aviation is currently experiencing the first pangs of a worldwide pilot shortage, one which will deepen as time goes on. It is felt everywhere from the military to corporate aviation, particularly in Asia and the Pacific. The shortage will impact the entire industry for years to come. Not only is the shortage felt in the form...

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