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R44 and R22: Meet the Robinsons Training Helicopters

R44 and R22: Meet the Robinsons Training Helicopters - CAU

There are many reasons why helicopter pilots decide to undergo pilot training. For some, it was about embarking on a new career path. For others, it may have just been a hobby – or the desire to own and operate their private helicopter. Are you interested in becoming a helicopter pilot? Regardless of your reason, …


California Aeronautical University Announces Partnership with MyGoFlight


California Aeronautical University (CAU) and MyGoFlight (MGF) have partnered up to provide CAU students premium-grade aviator equipment to help make the cockpit safer and standardize the student pilot experience. The MGF products, including EFB mounts, flight bags, protective glass, and accessories, offers improved organization and ease of use while increasing safety and situational awareness and …


The Future of Aviation

The Future of Aviation - CAU

Air and sea transportation are vital parts of our world. Their use is so finely woven into the way we live that life would not be the same without them. They grant us the ability to have access to goods and services from around the world that impact our employment levels, the healthcare industry, education …


Differences and Similarities in Cessna vs Piper Aircraft

Differences and Similarities in Cessna vs Piper Aircraft - CAU

One of the many fun and exciting things about going to school for an aviation career is learning about various kinds of airplanes. Nineteen different types of aircraft can be found in the sky at any given time, and multiple models are manufactured under each type. Piper and Cessna, two top-rated U.S. aircraft manufacturers, have …


Graduate Earns Distinction From CAU

Graduate Earns Distinction From CAU - CAU

First Woman Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) The challenges of finding qualified aircraft maintenance technician (AMT) have accelerated over the last decade, making it difficult to fulfill the much-needed demand in the aviation industry.* In this male-dominated profession, many women are not exposed to the possibilities — even if they have the aptitude to excel professionally. California …


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