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Aircraft Weight and Balance - California Aeronautical University

Aircraft Weight And Balance: How Do They Affect Flight?

Aircraft weight and balance play an important role in flight, and knowing these two factors can help ensure a safe and enjoyable flight. Some general aviation passengers are taken aback when asked how much they weigh as the pilot prepares for flight, or if the first officer takes a look at a pile of luggage and announces that some of...

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Cessna CE 525 and Different Types of Planes - California Aeronautical University

Just Plane Different: The Types of Planes You Can Fly With Each Certificate

In the aviation industry, there are many certifications and ratings available to pilots. Here is a list of the different types of planes you can fly with each certificate.  Here is an interesting bit of knowledge from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to share with your next airline seatmate: You are allowed to fly a 747 with a private pilot...

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Aviation License - California Aeronautical University

Which Type of Aviation License Is Right For You?

When you are excited about becoming a pilot, it can be challenging to decide your goals and which type of aviation license is right for you. Many members of the general public use the term “pilot’s license” without understanding what these ratings and certificate truly mean. As you learn more about what is possible in the world of aviation education,...

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Airline Cadet Program - California Aeronautical University

Four Ways Our Airline Cadet Program Helps You to Succeed in Your Career

The California Aeronautical University Airline Cadet Program can help student pilots succeed in a beginning a commercial pilot career; here's how. It is wise for pilots wanting to fly commercially with an airline to make a relationship with a potential employer before completing their education as airlines create a strong hiring pool. Regional airlines...

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Flight School Candidate - California Aeronautical University

How to Stand Out As a Great Flight School Candidate

If you are nervous about how to present yourself as a great flight school candidate, there is a lot you can do while preparing your application to put your best foot forward. Even if you have never so much as stepped foot on an airplane as a passenger, flight schools will still take your application seriously if you present a...

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