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Phoenix Flight Training Center

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Looking to turn your passion for flying into a career? Among flight schools in Arizona, CAU Phoenix offers a fast-paced, structured flight training experience to help you earn your aviation degree and reach your pilot career goals. As an FAA Part 141 Phoenix flight training school, CAU students can benefit from our university's advantage of time-saving benefits, one-on-one support, and in-house flight training at our Phoenix Aviation School campus.


CAU Phoenix student with Cessna aircraft

California Aeronautical University (CAU) opened its aviation school and flight training center in Phoenix, Arizona to better serve residents of Arizona and the West Coast to help them achieve their aviation career aspirations. 

Located at Falcon Field Airport, our Phoenix, Arizona flight training center is designed to elevate your aspirations of becoming a professional pilot.

As a Falcon Field flight school, we’re FAA Part 141 approved which enables you to not only earn an aviation degree while achieving up to 6 different certificates and ratings, but also receive access to crucial career time-saving benefits.

CAU Phoenix accepts veteran educational benefits for eligible students to use towards their flight training and ground school, including the Post-9/11 GI Bill®.

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. When comparing flight schools in Phoenix, AZ to other aviation schools, CAU Phoenix stands out for its career-focused, fast-paced training that is backed by University strength, including one-on-one academic support, job-placement assistance, and university degree benefits.

Enroll in flight school in Phoenix, where the climate offers near-perfect flying conditions year-round.


CAU Degree Program Highlights

Financial Aid & GI Bill

As an accredited flight school in Arizona, CAU Phoenix offers financial aid to those who qualify. We also accept veteran educational benefits for eligible students, including the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

FAA Part 141 Approval

Eligible CAU graduates from our Falcon Field flight school can receive a 500 flight-hour reduction towards a Restricted ATP (R-ATP) certification.

Accelerated Degree Programs

As one of the university flight schools in Phoenix, CAU Phoenix offers fast-track degree programs allowing students to graduate in about 3 years, including up to 6 certificates and ratings.

Direct Pathway to Airlines

CAU Phoenix has partnered with Delta, United, and several regional airlines to create opportunities for their aviation students, many of which include a direct pathway to the airline's cadet program.

CAU Phoenix helicopter fleet at Falcon Field Airport

Falcon Field Airport: The Ultimate Flight School Location

When searching for flight schools in Arizona, the location is critical.

Not just another site among flight schools in Phoenix, Falcon Field Airport, home to our CAU Phoenix campus, offers an immersive training environment for your pilot training.

Falcon Field Airport is the fifth busiest general aviation airport in the United States, making it a hub of aeronautical activity. With over 300,000 take-offs and landings per year, a FAA air traffic control tower, and two active runways, students at our flight school can receive real-world, hands-on exposure to a range of aviation scenarios.

The airport's year-round clear visibility and mild climate of 325+ days of sunshine per year make it one of the most desirable flying conditions for flight training. Would you agree good weather conditions can help maintain a fast-track pathway toward your pilot career?

Plus, with nearby desert areas available for practice and helipads on-site, Falcon Field offers an ideal training environment for helicopter pilots.
For those aiming to learn to fly in Phoenix, Falcon Field Airport is conveniently located near three major freeways, including the Loop 202, the 101 freeway, and highway 60. The airport is also minutes away from outdoor recreation, MLB spring training facilities, entertainment, and about 30 minutes from downtown Phoenix.

Falcon Field Airport is not just a location; it's an experience that elevates CAU Phoenix with its dynamic aviation environment. Looking for flight schools in Arizona to kickstart your aviation career? Whether you're interested in fixed-wing or helicopter training, CAU Phoenix flight school at Falcon Field Airport can be what you’re looking for.

CAU Phoenix hangar in Arizona

Arizona Campus

For those with aspirations to build a career in the aviation industry – whether as an airline pilot, a private pilot for a charter air service, or a commercial pilot for a logistics company, consider the flight training center at CAU Phoenix Flight School.

Located at Falcon Field Airport (FFZ), our Arizona flight school offers the following degree programs: 

As a CAU Phoenix student, you have access to certified instructors and an established flight progression timeline. All instruction, including ground school and flight, is delivered by CAU faculty on the University's own fleet of aircraft.

Through the University's airline partnerships, flight training degree students also have access to a direct pathway to airline cadet programs, which are critical to help start your aviation journey.

The University offers federal financial aid and scholarships to those who qualify.

Why Choose CAU Phoenix Flight School for Your Aviation Journey?

We'd Love To Show You What CAU Is All About!

CAU Accelerated Programs - female student in cockpit

Fixed-Wing Flight Training

California Aeronautical University offers a fixed-wing flight training degree program to help aspiring aviators reach their career goals.

Designed for those who want to fly professionally, the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics degree program offers a year-round, fast-paced schedule that enables students to enter the pipeline for aviation careers in a shorter amount of time.

Students can graduate from this fixed-wing program in about three years.

Along with their college degree, students also earn up to six FAA certificates and ratings, including private, instrument, commercial-single, CFI, CFII, and commercial-multi.

CAU's Part 141 approval provides significant benefits to aspiring pilots who earn a bachelor's degree.

While candidates without a bachelor's degree typically need 1,500 flight hours and must be at least 23 years old to be eligible for their ATP, eligible CAU graduates can qualify for a restricted ATP (R-ATP) with only 1,000 flight hours at the age of 21.

Helicopter Flight Training

California Aeronautical University also offers a helicopter flight training degree program at the Arizona campus at Falcon Field Airport.

As an alternative to CAU's existing fixed-wing curriculum, the helicopter program is available at the associate's degree level and is intended for those looking to pursue a career as a professional pilot in the aviation sector.

Students earn four certificates and ratings, including private, instrument, commercial, and CFI. No flying experience is needed.

After completing the helicopter training and requisite flight hours, graduates may work for tour and charter operators, emergency medical services, farming, and a variety of other positions.

Students are also eligible for graduate services and can take advantage of the University's strong industry partnerships.

Programs Offered

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