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Student Resources


At CAU, we put our students first.

We want to elevate your future! That is why we have many resources available to make sure you’re getting the support you need to succeed.

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student services

Student Services

Orientation – dorms – flight training – classes: it can all seem a bit overwhelming! But from the very beginning our dedicated staff is here to make the transition to college life just a little easier.

career assistance

Career Assistance

Don’t you think your career should match your passion? At CAU, our job-placement assistance can help launch the future that you’ve been dreaming of! We help you to find employment options that are the right fit for you.

Contract Services

Contract Services

People always say that life is about who you know, and so we create the partnerships that matter! We work with airlines in the industry to offer you opportunities for employment after graduation.

From the first phone call, to your graduation, and even into your career – we’ve got your back!

We’re here to contribute to your personal growth and strive to make your journey at CAU a successful one. We have the resources in place to help you with whatever challenges you face.