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Aviation Business Administration

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aviation studies
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Let’s get down to business!

CAU’s School of Business programs allow you to pursue your passion for business and aviation at the same time!

You’ll learn to be prepared to meet the challenges of the aviation industry without missing out on topics received as part of a traditional business program. Aviation Business Administration gives you the opportunity to learn a range of business skills, with a special focus on those required by the fast-moving air transport industry. The aviation industry offers a wide range of career opportunities to students interested in the business side of aviation. Effectively managing any business is the difference between that business succeeding or failing.

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We would love to show you what CAU is all about!


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For students who have a passion for the business of aviation, CAU has several business degree programs in California to choose from.

[button color=”secondary” class=”btn-pill” url=”/programs/business-administration/associates-degree/”]Associate’s Degree[/button] [button color=”secondary” class=”btn-pill” url=”/programs/business-administration/bachelors-degree-in-business-administration/”]Bachelor’s Degree[/button] [button color=”secondary” class=”btn-pill” url=”/programs/business-administration/mba/”]Master’s Degree[/button]


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