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Vicky Benzing

California Aeronautical University has teamed up with aerobatic pilot and air racer Vicky Benzing to inspire the next generation of aviators.

"Fastest Woman Racer"

An accomplished pilot, skydiver, aerobatic performer, and air racer with nearly 10,000 hours of flight time and over 1,300 parachute jumps, Vicky has a passion for everything airborne. She was chosen as “Rookie of the Year” in 2010 after having won her first ever air race and became the “Fastest Woman Racer” in the history of the Reno Air Races in 2015.

She loves to share her passion for aviation with others. She has been a crowd favorite in air shows with her Extra 3000 and her 1940 Boeing Stearman performance, an aerial display of power and grace in the spirit of vintage barnstorming.


Vicky Benzing

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Vicky and CAU outreach at air show

Partners in Aviation

A highly educated aviator with a PhD in Chemistry, Vicky is a strong proponent of pursuing an aviation education. CAU and Vicky teamed up to help expose more young people to the aviation world and to the possibility of starting an aviation career.

“Learning to fly absolutely changed my life,” Benzing says. “It’s such a confidence builder for young people. There are so many different facets and career opportunities in the aviation world that the opportunities are almost unlimited, especially in today’s world. It’s a very exciting time in the aviation industry.”

Through their outreach efforts at air shows and events around the country, CAU and Vicky hope to show the younger generation how realistic and fulfilling a career in aviation can be, including careers as professional pilots, aircraft mechanics, aviation business professionals, and more.

Coming to a Show Near You

Vicky loves to share her passion for aviation with others. She performs in air shows around the nation in her 1940 Boeing Stearman and recently added her newly restored "Plum Crazy" P51 Mustang to air show lineups.

Check out her event schedule to see her at an air show near you. CAU’s outreach team will also appear with Vicky at select air shows, with their interactive trailer, mobile flight simulator experience, and/or their tribute aircraft.

Vicky Flight Schedule

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Vicky flying Stearman

Boeing Stearman

Vicky’s performance in her iconic bright red Stearman is an aerial display of power and grace in the spirit of vintage barnstorming.

Loops and rolls, low and slow, with lots of smoke and noise, Vicky’s Stearman performance is a crowd favorite. A trainer by design, Vicky’s Stearman literally trained hundreds of pilots to fly during World War II.

Vicky and Plum Crazy P51 Mustang

"Plum Crazy" P51 Mustang

Vicky recently debuted "Plum Crazy" at the final National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada, an iconic purple P51 Mustang with a rich history in air races and shows across the country.

From a WWII military fighter to the 1970 National Air Race Champion to a full restoration in its original racing livery, “Plum Crazy” maintains a long-lasting legacy and introduces the purple Mustang to a whole new generation of aviators.

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