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Compass Airlines

CAU Grads may Qualify for Compass Airlines’ Pathway Program

Graduates of CAU’s professional pilot degree programs have a career pathway into Compass Airlines’ Pathway Program. The cadet program provides CAU students a guaranteed interview with Compass Airlines and offers tuition reimbursement up to $17,500. Under the partnership between Compass Airlines and the University, students do not have to meet ATP minimums to interview.

Cadet Program Highlights

Mentorship program
FO conditional job offer
Senior Benefits
Tuition reimbursement up to $17,500
Guaranteed interview

About Compass Airlines

Compass Airlines is a leading regional airline operating on behalf of American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Compass Airline employees represent some of the finest talent in aviation, and each one of them is committed to their mission of providing safe, reliable and on-time service.

  • Bases: LAX / PHX / SEA
  • 280 flights each day
  • 40+ destinations
  • Aircraft: E-175