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How to Get a Pilot’s License

How to get a pilot's license - CAU

Have you always had a dream of flying high – and being in control of the jet? If so, then obtaining your private pilot license may be your goal. How do you do it? What training do you need? Where do you even start?  A quick Google search about how to get a pilot’s license …


How to Become a Private Pilot

How to become a private pilot - California Aeronautical University CAU

When you decide that you would like to become a pilot, there are different options to choose from. One of the most popular choices is to obtain a private pilot license.  Obtained from the FAA, this type of license allows you to fly any aircraft, day or night, nationally and internationally. Some pilots stop here, …


6 Tips for Pursuing a Degree in Aeronautics

CAU students pursuing a degree in aeronautics - California Aeronautical University

Where you learn to fly or study for your future in aeronautics is as important as working in your future career. You cannot just flip a coin and choose a school. Instead, time and consideration need to be taken to ensure that where you earn your education will give you the best foundation for a …


10 Career Opportunities for an Aviation Management Degree

Portrait of airplane management degree recipient - California Aeronautical University

As its name suggests, the role of someone in aviation management is to oversee operations – and their facilities – as they pertain to aviation. With a bachelor’s degree in this specialty, you may find a position in various areas of the field, such as air traffic control, aviation maintenance, avionics technology, flight, and more.  …


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