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Ground Reference Maneuvers - California Aeronautical University

Ground Reference Maneuvers: A Student’s Guide

Student pilots must become familiar with ground reference maneuvers in order to demonstrate controlled airmanship. Ground reference maneuvers involve using an airplane’s flight controls to affect the course of flight. Knowing these are necessary to operate in an airport traffic pattern. A solid understanding of pitch, roll, and yaw are all involved, as are learning to understand the...

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Study Tips for Aviation Students - California Aeronautical University

3 Study Tips for Aviation Students to Excel This Year

For students pursuing a degree in the aviation field, these three study tips can help you excel in your education this year. If you are an aviation student and determined that your 2021 is going to outshine your 2020 (although let’s face it—the bar is not that high), there is plenty that you as a flight student can do immediately...

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Choosing the Right Aviation College - California Aeronautical University

New Year, New Career: How to Choose the Right Aviation College for You

New year, new career! For those who have an interest in aviation, the new year is the perfect time to begin your studies. Here are four tips to find the right aviation college for you. While many college students enroll in courses unsure of their career objectives, those who have chosen aviation colleges are typically different. They generally...

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From Classroom to Cockpit_ 4 Tips for Aviation Success - California Aeronautical University

From Classroom to Cockpit: 4 Tips for Success

Navigating from an aviation school classroom, to manning an airplane cockpit takes time and dedication. Here are four tips for success. It can seem an intimidating leap to transition from the classroom to the cockpit. For many students, the key is to adjust his or her expectations accordingly. It is always important to have a career goal in mind...

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Instrument Rating Requirements - California Aeronautical University

4 Instrument Rating Requirements to Know

When working towards your IFR rating, there are a few instrument rating requirements to consider.  Achieving your instrument pilot rating is a terrific accomplishment. Not only does it permit you to fly as a private pilot under challenging weather conditions, it is another step forward to becoming eligible to fly for pay. Since the vast majority of employers who...

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