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Navigating the Skies - How Pilots Navigate In The Air

Navigating the Skies

On the ground, we are able to make our way from Point A to Point B by knowing where to turn on roads, guided by maps, GPS, or memory. Even while traversing areas in which roads aren’t available, backpackers find their way by using a compass to point them in the right direction. But how does this apply in the...

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Becoming A Flight Instructor

The Path To Becoming A Flight Instructor

The pilot shortage is creeping further into the aviation industry. Not only are pilots needed, flight instructors are too. The need for Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) is great. Not only is news of the pilot shortage attracting more students-- corporate, regional, and airline jobs are pulling instructors away from the classroom as soon as they gather enough hours to meet...

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Learning To Fly

Learning To Fly Isn’t As Complicated As You Might Think

One look at a cockpit, especially one belonging to a new airliner or a fighter jet, might seem like an impossible mess to a non-pilot and an overwhelming task to a new one. How can anyone master all those screens, knobs, and pedals? And what about everything else a pilot is expected to manage—information about weather, communication from air traffic...

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Practicing Touch and Gos

What is a Touch and Go?

Many instructors compliment their student pilots’ learning sessions in the cockpit with some touch-and-goes, but some CFIs do not think the practice actually contributes to proficiency and safety. However, experienced pilots sometimes turn to this practice drill because can be a good way to get used to a new aircraft. Sometimes you might see a few at airshows. They can...

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Air Traffic Patterns

How Do Air Traffic Patterns Work?

Competent and professional contact with air traffic controllers is a weak area for even experienced pilots. Working in air traffic patterns is a basic part of life for student pilots, but it’s an important reality of aviation life that should be continually considered. While managing all the systems in the cockpit and making constant decisions about airspeed and altitude, it’s...

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