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The Differences in Flying With Different Engine Types

The Differences In Flying With Different Engine Types

One aspect of aviation knowledge which immediately separates the general public from professionals or self-educated enthusiasts is the matter of aircraft engines. Most members of the flying public are happy to step on and off an airplane, reaching their destination without thinking at all about what has powered them there. For pilots, engineers, and many other employees of the aviation...

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Control Surfaces of a Plane

How Does a Plane’s Control Surfaces Function?

Understanding the basic aerodynamics of how an airplane’s control surfaces work is a major part of safely commanding it both on the ground and in the air. When you have a good grasp of these principles, both abstractly as well as while acting as pilot in command, you are better equipped to make sound decisions and predict how the aircraft...

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Why Should You Consider Becoming A Pilot

Why Should You Consider Becoming A Pilot?

To many already making their living as pilots, there’s no need to question why one should choose this career path. They love their work and enjoy taking to the skies to safely ferry people and cargo to their destinations. Many can’t imagine working in any other job or field. Others aren’t looking for a career in aviation; they simply enjoy...

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Path To Becoming A Flight Instructor

What Is The Path To Becoming A Flight Instructor?

With aviation such a wide-open and expanding field in a burgeoning economy, the industry has a great need for flight instructors. Not only are higher-paying jobs in airlines, cargo operations, and charter companies commanding higher salaries and thus more new pilots, many flight instructors who work to accumulate the minimum number of hours required for other work often quickly leave...

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How To Prepare Before Flight School

How Should I Prepare Before Applying To Flight School?

You're probably excited to begin learning how to be a pilot. But while you wait on your first appointment with a potential instructor, there are several ways to put yourself in an aviator’s mindset. Many of these exercises are mental, but some are practical. Any of them can provide a boost to your training as you make your way through...

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