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Aeronautical Decision Making For Pilots - California Aeronautical University

The Importance of Aeronautical Decision Making

Aeronautical decision making is essential to safe aviation and pilots. Here are 3 aspects of ADM that every student pilot should understand. A good pilot is a decisive one. This does not mean that snap judgements are made based on first impressions. Instead, aeronautical decision making (ADM) is a matter of weighing all the information a...

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Becoming an Airline Pilot - California Aeronautical University

3 Incredible Benefits of Becoming an Airline Pilot

Flying as an airline pilot is one of the most visible jobs in the aviation industry. It is the profession the general public most often pictures when they think of someone employed as a pilot. While there are many different and valuable paths an aviator can take, including charter or corporate work, military service, and cargo flying, working as an...

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Aviation Weather and PIREPs - California Aeronautical University

4 Steps to Understanding Aviation Weather and PIREPS

Weather briefings are of vital importance in aviation. No matter where you are starting or where you are headed, taking off without proper meteorological information is a gamble. These four steps will help you to understand aviation weather and PIREPS. Inclement weather can strand pilots who are unable to fly IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) or,...

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AIRMET vs SIGMET - California Aeronautical University

AIRMET vs SIGMET: What You Need to Know

When flying, it's important to know the difference between AIRMET vs SIGMET, and what to do when alerted of one. Here's what each pilot should know. One of the first aspects about aviation that student pilots usually learn is that weather awareness is a massive aspect of flight. Looking out the window at what...

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Private License - California Aeronautical University

You Got Your Private! Now What?

For those eager to climb as far as they can in aviation and are considering a career in the cockpit, the path is clear. These vocation-oriented pilots are quick to reach for the next step, and some train for ratings and endorsements concurrently. However, deciding what to after getting your private might not be so easy for everyone, particularly with...

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