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Aviation Industry Jobs - California Aeronautical University

Aviation Industry Jobs to Consider After Graduation

The pent up demand for travel and hiring will likely create a hiring spree amongst airlines and other aviation related companies that were forced to cut back operations during lockdowns. And certain sections of the industry, such as cargo flying and charter flying, are posting increased activity and profits due to the economic changes. Even during normal travel cycles, certain...

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Learning to Fly In Cold Weather - California Aeronautical University

4 Disadvantages of Learning to Fly In Cold Weather

Taking flight lessons is an exciting next step, but for some student pilots, it can be frustrating to learn how to fly in cold weather. Student pilots who begin training in such places as Buffalo, North Dakota, or Alaska, may suddenly find themselves frustrated by the weather in areas where they might have grown up. (The average monthly temperature in...

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Airline Cadet Program - California Aeronautical University

Four Ways Our Airline Cadet Program Helps You to Succeed in Your Career

The California Aeronautical University Airline Cadet Program can help student pilots succeed in a beginning a commercial pilot career; here's how. It is wise for pilots wanting to fly commercially with an airline to make a relationship with a potential employer before completing their education as airlines create a strong hiring pool. Regional airlines...

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Who Is CAU Student Sydney Kibuuka - California Aeronautical University

CAU Student Sydney Kibuuka Is Not Your Average Professional Pilot Student

California Aeronautical University’s (CAU) Professional pilot students come from all over the world and have diverse backgrounds. Some are just out of high school, transfer students and some simply have a dream that they refuse to give up on. Choosing a career as a professional pilot was something Sydney Kibuuka has dreamed of since the age of 7. He was...

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USAF Brigadier General Jeannie Leavitt

USAF Brigadier General Jeannie Leavitt will address CAU’s first graduating class as guest speaker

Adviser to “Captain Marvel” and the Air Force’s first female fighter pilot BAKERSFIELD, CA – California Aeronautical University is proud to announce that United States Air Force Brigadier General Jeannie Leavitt will address the University’s first graduating class as the guest speaker. Brig. Gen. Jeannie Levitt serves as the Commander of the Air Force Recruiting Service and made history as...

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