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Private Pilot Flying Requirements | CAU

How a Private Pilot Gets Ready for a Flight

In the outstanding TV series Sky King, which ran from 1951 to 1962, “Sky” would rush out to his twin-engine Cessna, the Songbird, start her up, and spring into the sky, ready to do good deeds at a moment’s notice. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? It’s not.  It’s death-defying. Before any flight, all pilots must do multiple checks to prepare for...

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Learning To Fly | CAU

The Easy and Hard Parts of Learning to Fly

Remember back when you were learning how to drive? At the beginning, it was probably kind of confusing, especially if you were trying to learn on a stick shift.  How fast do I let the clutch out? How can I figure out where to put my foot when I’m not looking down? How do I drive up a hill? It all...

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Cockpit Distractions | CAU

Potential Distractions in the Cockpit

In commercial airline flights these days the cabin where the pilots are located is always locked up and secured, allowing the pilot and co-pilot to fly the plane without distractions. The same is not true when you look at a small plane situation with the cockpit open to the rest of the smaller craft. Let’s delve into the world of...

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California Aeronautical University 2018 Top Hawk University

Each year, ten of our nation’s top performing aviation universities are invited by Textron-Cessna to apply for the Top Hawk program.  Of those ten, only five are selected for Top Hawk Program. The Top Hawk program is designed to reward exceptional universities through a partnership internship by providing them with a brand-new Cessna 172 aircraft, equipped with the latest technology,...

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Business Degrees | CAU

New Programs and CAU – Bachelors in Aviation Business Admin and MBA

California Aeronautical University is excited to announce three new program offerings! CAU now accepting applications for the Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Management, Master of Business Administration (MBA). Students in the Bachelors of Science in Aviation Business Management will obtain their degree in just three years.  This program includes courses like Accounting Principles, Payroll Accounting, Aviation Law, Entrepreneurship, along...

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