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Our staff and students organized some amazing things for the campus and students to celebrate the holiday spirit, including creating their very own rendition of the 12 Days of Holidays. Each day we shared a different ‘gift’ on our social media accounts, featuring our students, partners, and fun festivities around the campus!

The 12 Days of CAU Holidays was fun and entertaining for both students and staff! If you weren’t able to follow along for each of the holiday countdowns, we’ve included all 12 days of gifts below. Let us know which one was your favorite.

On the first day of the CAU holidays, we had 1 smooth landing from our student pilot.

On the SECOND day of the Holidays, CAU gave to us … 2 lunch specials!

On the THIRD day of the Holidays, CAU gave to us … 3 Simulators!

On the FOURTH day of the Holidays, CAU gave to us … 4 Honor Students!

On the FIFTH day of the Holidays, CAU gave to us … 5 School Pennants!

On the SIXTH day of the Holidays, CAU gave to us, 6 Weather Forecasts!

On the SEVENTH day of the Holidays, CAU gave to us … 7 Flight Bags!

On the EIGHTH day of the Holidays, CAU gave to us … 8 CESSNA 172’s

On the NINTH day of the Holidays, CAU gave to us … 9 Polar “Brrrrrr” Plunges!

On the TENTH day of the Holidays, CAU gave to us … 10 Bench Presses!

On the ELEVENTH day of the Holidays, CAU gave to us … 11 Loads of Laundry!

On the TWELFTH day of the Holidays, CAU gave to us … 12 Amazing Partners!

The holidays are a great opportunity to appreciate your surroundings. Here at CAU we truly appreciate all our staff and students. We’re looking forward to the new year, as we welcome new students to our campus and plan more events and activities to spread awareness about the aviation industry.

For instance, we’re inviting prospective pilots and their families to our Open House on January 13th where they can tour the campus, meet with faculty, staff, and admissions representatives. Additionally, Air Wisconsin will be joining us on campus January 18th to discuss their cadet program with our students. Be sure to stay tuned for future events on campus and in a community near you.

Thank you for making this year and holiday season so joyous! We’re grateful for each and every one of you!


Mr. Matthew A. Johnston has over 23 years of experience serving various roles in education and is currently serving as the President of California Aeronautical University. He maintains memberships and is a supporting participant with several aviation promoting and advocacy associations including University Aviation Association (UAA), Regional Airline Association (RAA), AOPA, NBAA, and EAA with the Young Eagles program.  He is proud of his collaboration with airlines, aviation businesses and individual aviation professionals who are working with him to develop California Aeronautical University as a leader in educating aviation professionals.

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