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Aviation Industry Jobs to Consider After Graduation

Aviation Industry Jobs - California Aeronautical University

The pent up demand for travel and hiring will likely create a hiring spree amongst airlines and other aviation related companies that were forced to cut back operations during lockdowns. And certain sections of the industry, such as cargo flying and charter flying, are posting increased activity and profits due to the economic changes. Even …


How to Write an Amazing Pilot Resume

Pilot Resume - California Aeronautical University

After graduating from flight school, it’s important to create an eye-catching resume. Here are four tips to write an amazing pilot resume. With the aviation community in flux during the COVID 19 pandemic, some pilots are weighing the option of temporarily shifting away from passenger flying to cargo and charter flying which is rapidly growing. …


How to Prepare For Your Pilot Interview

Prepare for Your Pilot Interview With Your Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics Degree - California Aeronautical University

After graduating from an aeronautical university, you will begin your career search, but a pilot interview is unlike any other in the business world. They involve a discussion of background, education, and qualifications and sometimes call for a technical challenge that might involve interpreting aeronautical charts or weather reports. Pilots should prepare for job interviews …


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