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Into the Cockpit: Flying As a Bush Pilot

Bush Pilot - California Aeronautical University

Bush pilot flying is used for military maneuvers, rescue during weather emergencies, and reconnaissance. Explore what bush flying has to offer! There are many more aspects to a flying career than just  major and regional airlines. Some pilots prefer to stay with smaller airplanes and perform specific tasks in rural or tourist areas. Work as …


Your Guide to Flight Controls

Airplane Flight Controls - California Aeronautical University

Having a deep understanding of flight controls and instruments are crucial for a safe flight. Here is what you should know. Flight controls are the actual instrumentation and items which pilots use to control an aircraft. They are the primary tools of the pilot. All aircraft, even gliders, have flight controls, but advanced airplanes offer …


A Beginner’s Guide to Airplane Winglets

Airplane Winglets - California Aeronautical University

If an airplane has wings, why does it need winglets? Airplane winglets are the “baby wings” placed at an angle at the end of airplane wing. Most modern passenger jets have winglets. They became a staple of the aircraft industry the 1980’s when concern about oil prices pushed increased research into their feasibility. Buoyed by …


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