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Understanding Airport Classification: A Beginner’s Guide

airport classification

It’s important to understand the different types of airports and how they’re defined. Here’s what you need to know about airport classification. [lwptoc numeration=”none” skipHeadingText=”Share This:”] It should come as no surprise to you that there are a lot of different airports. They actually have official designations. Understanding airport classification does not need to be …


Navigating Airports from Big to Small As a Pilot

Navigating Airports from Big to Small

Some student pilots think the toughest part of flying is simply staying aloft. However, the mechanics of taking off and landing at an airport extend far beyond the aeronautics of the matter. Outside of checking the weather, filing a flight plan, and assessing the airworthiness of your airplane, there are many decisions to be made …


All About Runway Distance Requirements

Runway Distance Requirements

Part of being a safe pilot is making sure that any runway you plan to use has enough distance to safely operate for both takeoff and landing.  A strong student pilot program will address this issue. Since working with runway distance is a matter which stretches far beyond simple memorization, it’s an important part of …


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