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What is Adverse Yaw and How Does it Affect Flying?

Adverse Yaw - California Aeronautical University

Adverse yaw is a reality of flying that each pilot must learn to combat in order to successfully fly safely and effectively. [lwptoc skipHeadingLevel=”h3″] Adverse yaw is the tendency of an airplane, when turning and banked, to go the opposite direction. The way an airplane banks is by deflecting its ailerons. The ailerons are the hinged part …


The Basics of Aircraft Axes: Pitch, Yaw and Roll

Aircraft Axes Pitch Yaw and Roll - California Aeronautical University

While in the process of accomplishing a private certificate, pilots delve into the intricacies of aeronautics throughout ground school. It is crucial to learn about and understand aircraft axes, specifically pitch, yaw, roll, and the basic forces imposing themselves on an aircraft, along with how to work with them, rather than against them. Pilots who do so …


What Are Aviation V-Speeds?

What Are Aviation V-Speeds? - CAU

Many English-speaking people think that “V” stands for Velocity, which is generally correct. But another French aviation phrase, “Vitesse” – which means “speed” – is represented by the letter “V” in V-Speed.  The FAA requires that aircraft manufacturers provide certain V-speeds to ensure the safest and most efficient flow of air traffic. They are standard …


V1 and Other Airspeeds

Velocity Airspeeds

In aviation, the concept of “speed” isn’t just “how fast an aircraft is going.” It can refer to a number of operating conditions in relation to the aircraft. To fully understand the capacities, safe performance operation, and limitations of any aircraft, it’s important to have a good grasp of “velocity speeds”, known as V-speeds. For …


Airplane Aerodynamics

San Diego Flight Center - CAU

An understanding of flight is rooted in a strong grasp of how an airplane gets in the air—and stays there. Both a passenger jet and a tiny paper airplane are governed by the same forces.  Understanding airplane aerodynamics is key to a successful partnership with the atmosphere: They are the foundation for study for student …


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