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Into the Cockpit: Flying As a Bush Pilot

Bush Pilot - California Aeronautical University

Bush pilot flying is used for military maneuvers, rescue during weather emergencies, and reconnaissance. Explore what bush flying has to offer! [lwptoc numerationSuffix=”dot”] There are many more aspects to a flying career than just  major and regional airlines. Some pilots prefer to stay with smaller airplanes and perform specific tasks in rural or tourist areas. …


The World of Private Jets

Private Jets And Commercial Flying - California Aeronautical University

When someone speaks of wanting to make a career as a pilot, the automatic assumption of many is that he or she wishes to become an airline aviator. The bulk of pilots are indeed behind the passenger jets that fill the skies. However, much of the aviation world is populated by pilots who fly for …


The Path To Commercial Aviation

Path To Commercial Aviation

There are many paths a pilot can take to commercial aviation. It’s an excellent time to begin a career in the aviation industry; career opportunities abound due to an ever increasing pilot shortage. Depending on education level, physical location, and professional goals, the path to a life in commercial aviation is as customizable as the …


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