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Navigating the Skies

Navigating the Skies - How Pilots Navigate In The Air - California Aeronautical University

On the ground, we are able to make our way from Point A to Point B by knowing where to turn on roads, guided by maps, GPS, or memory. Even while traversing areas in which roads aren’t available, backpackers find their way by using a compass to point them in the right direction. But how …


Maintaining the Correct Course When Flying

Maintaining the Correct Course When Flying an Aircraft - CalAero

Maintaining the correct course in the air is as easy as following the line on the GPS, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not so simple. What happens when your cockpit GPS isn’t operational, or is loaded with outdated maps? What if strong crosswinds blow you off track? It’s important to know how to navigate without relying …


How Do Small Airplanes Find Their Way Around?

Small Plane Navigation

Giant airplanes like airliners and military transport aircraft use sophisticated, onboard methods to fly from Point A to Point B.  Today, they usually use GPS (Global Positioning System) and/or a combination of other methods using lasers, gyroscopes, and other sophisticated stuff. Interestingly, a few years ago, the military deliberately downgraded the GPS signals the USA’s …


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