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What Is Avionics and How Do They Affect Pilots?

Airplane Avionics - California Aeronautical University

Avionics affects pilots in nearly every aspect of flying, but what is it and why is it important? [lwptoc] The word “avionics” is an abbreviation for aviation electronics. The senior editor of Aviation Week and Space Technology, Phillip J. Klass, first used the term in 1949. Avionics can include navigation, radio, monitoring of aircraft performance. …


How Do Jet Engines Work?

How Do Jet Engines Work - California Aeronautical University

Pilots must have a strong understanding of every aspect of an airplane to ensure a safe and efficient flight. This guide explores the question: how do jet engines work?  [lwptoc numerationSuffix=”dot” skipHeadingText=”Share This:”] For those born into the jet age, it is easy to take this technology for granted. Even when on a jet, long …


The Differences In Flying With Different Engine Types

The Differences in Flying With Different Engine Types

One aspect of aviation knowledge which immediately separates the general public from professionals or self-educated enthusiasts is the matter of aircraft engines. Most members of the flying public are happy to step on and off an airplane, reaching their destination without thinking at all about what has powered them there. For pilots, engineers, and many …


Why Are Airplanes Pressurized?

Why Are Airplanes Pressurized - California Aeronautical University

“For your comfort, the cabin will be pressurized.” Passengers hear this as part of in-flight announcements as they settle into their seats, but most might not know how this takes place, much less why. Airplane pressurization seems like a mystery; it’s important for those with this knowledge to have a good understanding of how it …


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