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How to Finance Flight School

How to finance flight school - cau

Wondering how to finance flight school? Getting into flight school is an incredible milestone for someone who has always had the dream of becoming a pilot, as it is the first step towards reaching your ultimate career goal. The next step after being accepted into a program, though, is finding a way to cover the …


6 Benefits of In-House Aviation Training

6 Benefits of In-House Aviation Training - CAU

If you are ready to start flight training, you may know that various paths and options are open. Before listing the benefits of in-house aviation training, let’s define that term – what does it mean? What Is In-House Aviation Training? In-house aviation training means logging your flight hours at the same place you are doing …


7 Ways to Get Ready for Flight Training School

7 Ways to Get Ready for Flight Training School - CAU

Deciding to go to flight training school can be very exciting. Numerous universities and colleges offer aviation instruction programs where you can earn your pilot certifications, including instrument ratings and more. Some, like CAU, even provide the opportunity to study for your bachelor’s degree at the same time. If you have determined that you want …


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