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The Airplane Transponder

Airplane Transponder - CAU

Beyond the amazing aeronautical and thrust design developments we have pursued since the Wright brothers, arguably the next greatest development in aviation has been in electronic communications, including nonverbal communication such as the transponder.  The privilege of talking over a radio or transponder keys and speaking directly and instantaneously with air traffic control (ATC) or …


The Basics of the Cockpit Of a Plane

Basics of the Cockpit - CAU

The cockpit of even the smallest and simplest airplane can be an overwhelming place. Fortunately, the most “hands-on” elements of the cockpit—those which enable the pilot to direct the airplane’s actual movement from taxiing to landing—are usually similar from one cockpit design to another. Even if a new single-engine student pilot had never seen the …


How to Read an Altimeter

how to read an altimeter - CAU

Pilots have a lot of different types of equipment they have to learn about – especially when it comes to the instruments on their dash. Knowing what everything is and how to utilize it properly allows them to safely handle their aircraft. To prepare you for a future in aviation, there are many things you are …


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