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FAR/AIM: What to Know About Federal Aviation Regulations and the Airman’s Information Manual

FAA FAR/AIM - California Aeronautical University

As a flight student, your instructor will spend some time discussing the FAR/AIM, or the Federal Aviation Regulations and Aeronautical Information Manual. When you do so, you will share in the responsibility of every active pilot in the United States, no matter how many hours he or she may have logged. These documents form the …


Four Important Changes to FAA Regulations In 2020

FAA Regulations for COVID-19 - California Aeronautical University

In the same way the airline industry underwent many changes after 9/11 and the introduction of the Transportation Security Agency, it faces major shifts as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. While rumors in the aviation community have been swirling for weeks about what these updates might look like, in May 2020 they were codified as FAA …


The Role of The FAA

The Role of the FAA

Nearly every entry on this blog has mentioned, or at least linked to, the Federal Aviation Administration. There’s a reason for that: It’s the governing body of American aviation. Every aspect of every US flight, from who may climb into the cockpit to pre-flighting to tower communication to cruising, landing, and putting the airplane to …


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