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How High Do Commercial Planes Fly?  

How high do commercial planes fly - CAU

As an aviation student, you will learn a lot about the significant role that altitude plays in flying an aircraft. There are, after all, different altitudes and different reasons why you would choose to fly within each one.   The FAA and ATC officials plan carefully to make sure that every aircraft takes off, lands, and …


3 Popular Types of Training Aircraft

Training Aircraft - California Aeronautical University

Before pilots start flying Dreamliners, they must learn more about aviation. These 3 popular training aircraft are utilized by pilots while starting off. [lwptoc]   Pilots do not start out flying fighter jets on Dreamliners. They must first become accustomed to working with the forces of flight, learning how to work with cockpit instrumentation, operating …


Everything to Know About Airplane Speed

Airplane Speed - California Aeronautical University

Airplane speed is much more complicated than many think. This guide discusses the types of speed, and how it affects takeoffs and landings. [lwptoc numerationSuffix=”dot” toggle=”1″ itemsFontSize=”16pt”] Airplane speed is simply how fast an airplane goes, right? Not necessarily. Student pilots spend some time learning about the different aspects of speed in aviation. It is …


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