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How To Prepare For Your Instrument Checkride

Instrument Checkride - Cal Aero University

Beginning the instrument checkride calmly is a good way to establish the pace and tone of the rest of the event. Read more tips below on how to prepare! [lwptoc]   Studying for the instrument checkride requires a great deal of time, cockpit practice, simulator rehearsals, and dedication. It can seem intimidating to prepare your …


4 Instrument Rating Requirements to Know

Instrument Rating Requirements - California Aeronautical University

When working towards your IFR rating, there are a few instrument rating requirements to consider.  [lwptoc] Achieving your instrument pilot rating is a terrific accomplishment. Not only does it permit you to fly as a private pilot under challenging weather conditions, it is another step forward to becoming eligible to fly for pay. Since the …


Why Is Instrument Flying Important?

Instrument Flying - California Aeronautical University

Instrument flying is a critical step for pilots looking to fly for hire, but what is the instrument rating and why is it important? Pilots who want to spend their career in the cockpit usually begin training for their instrument rating immediately upon earning their private certificate. Many also train for it concurrently to speed …


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