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How to Become a Private Pilot

How to become a private pilot - California Aeronautical University CAU

When you decide that you would like to become a pilot, there are different options to choose from. One of the most popular choices is to obtain a private pilot license.  Obtained from the FAA, this type of license allows you to fly any aircraft, day or night, nationally and internationally. Some pilots stop here, …


Private Pilot License Requirements to Know

Private Pilot License Requirements - California Aeronautical University

When starting your journey towards a PPL certificate, it’s important to understand the private pilot license requirements needed to do so. Here’s what to know. [lwptoc numeration=”none” skipHeadingText=”Share This:”] Every journey starts with a single step. Or when becoming a pilot, your first take-off! The first step on your journey to becoming a commercial pilot …


What Happens During Your Private Pilot Checkride?

Private Pilot Checkride - California Aeronautical University

[lwptoc numeration=”decimalnested” numerationSuffix=”dot” title=”CONTENTS:” titleFontSize=”30px” itemsFontSize=”19px”] Once a flight instructor is confident that a student pilot is ready to take flight entirely on his or her own, he or she will endorse the student for their private pilot checkride. Your CAU instructor will have completely prepared you for this moment, but a pilot’s private certificate …


You Got Your Private! Now What?

Private License - California Aeronautical University

For those eager to climb as far as they can in aviation and are considering a career in the cockpit, the path is clear. These vocation-oriented pilots are quick to reach for the next step, and some train for ratings and endorsements concurrently. However, deciding what to after getting your private might not be so …


What Are The Restrictions of A Private Pilot Certificate?

Restrictions of A Private Pilot Certificate

Safety and success in aviation is a matter of knowing what possible and which limitations surround an aircraft or airspace. Smart pilots are also informed of the restrictions surrounding themselves. Becoming fully aware of the restrictions surrounding a flight is an important first step in conducting a safe one. Focusing on restrictions on a certificate …


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