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Four Qualities of the Best Flight Instructors

Qualities of Great Certified Flight Instructors - California Aeronautical University

[lwptoc numeration=”none” title=”CONTENTS:” titleFontSize=”30px” itemsFontSize=”19px”] When a professional pilot is asked who helped him or her the most along the way, the answer is most often a certified flight instructor (CFI.) Great flight instructors have many qualities, but the most important one is that he or she is invested in his or her students. Commitment …


What Do You Do Once You Earn Your CFI?

Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor CFI - California Aeronautical University

For many pilots, becoming a flight instructor is an important career goal which allows them to gain experience, build time, and earn money as a pilot. Completing the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) requirements for becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) requires commitment, planning, and true dedication to aviation. However, many pilots are not content to …


What Is The Path To Becoming A Flight Instructor?

Path To Becoming A Flight Instructor

With aviation such a wide-open and expanding field in a burgeoning economy, the industry has a great need for flight instructors. Not only are higher-paying jobs in airlines, cargo operations, and charter companies commanding higher salaries and thus more new pilots, many flight instructors who work to accumulate the minimum number of hours required for …


What Does a Flight Instructor Do?

What Does A Certified Flight Instructor Do

Flight instructors play a vital role in the general aviation community. They communicate information and courtesies that might not appear in textbooks, ensure their students understand their lessons in ways an automated system cannot, and provide a role model to new pilots. Sometimes, finding a good instructor is the difference between a lifetime in aviation …


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