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Everything You Need to Know About the Mode C Veil 

mode c veil - CAU

The transponders that you find on aircraft can have a few variances based on who manufactured them and how they are installed. However, they should all have a few basic settings that are standard – and necessary.    One such setting is a special mode that will let air traffic control and other aircraft in the …


United States Airspace Classes Explained

United States Airspace Classes Explained - California Aeronautical University

As an aviation student, you must have an in-depth knowledge of controlled airspace and airspace classes, and how they affect flight. [lwptoc numerationSuffix=”dot” itemsFontSize=”16pt”] The concept of airspace is one of the most important aspects of aviation. It is essential to organizing aircraft traffic, and yet those who fly through it on airliners seldom have …


Differences Between Airspace Classifications

Airspace Classifications

Knowing how the Federal Aviation Administration divides airspace is key to developing awareness and safe operation as a pilot. From the planning phase of a flight to requesting a landing clearance, paying attention to these divisions help ensure positive interactions with controllers and other pilots. The classification of airspace is not always static. It might …


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