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4 Considerations of a Crosswind Landing Every Great Pilot Should Know

Crosswind Landing - California Aeronautical University

A crosswind landing can be stressful and difficult, here are four considerations that every great pilot should know. [lwptoc numerationSuffix=”dot” title=”CONTENTS” titleFontSize=”34px” itemsFontSize=”18px”] Inexperienced pilots sometimes fly in dread of a crosswind landing.  Sometimes experienced aviators prefer to avoid them. Such extreme conditions are usually rare, however, and safe pilots tend to avoid such landing …


What You Should to Know About an Emergency Descent Procedure

Emergency Descent Procedure - California Aeronautical University

Learning correct emergency descent procedures is vital for student pilots looking to master the art and science of flying. [lwptoc numerationSuffix=”dot” title=”Contents” titleFontSize=”30px” itemsFontSize=”18pt”] Student pilots must learn the basics of the emergency descent procedures of the airplane they are learning to fly. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires this as part of a student’s …


How to Nail a Short Field Takeoff

Pilot Maneuvering a Short Field Takeoff - California Aeronautical University

Truly understanding how to execute a short field takeoff is one of the markers that separates a beginner pilot from an experienced one. The ability to safely demonstrate a short field takeoff is expected of pilots holding a Commercial certificate, as this indicates that he or she can demonstrate precise control of the aircraft even …


What Goes Into Prepping for Departure?

What Goes Into Prepping For Departure

A smart pilot’s departure begins long before he or she climbs into the cockpit. One of the most important aspects of becoming airborne takes place before the airplane is anywhere near the runway. Pilots must be sure to follow each step of preparing for departure carefully and with attention to detail. Doing so not only …


What is a Touch and Go?

Practicing Touch and Gos

Many instructors compliment their student pilots’ learning sessions in the cockpit with some touch-and-goes, but some CFIs do not think the practice actually contributes to proficiency and safety. However, experienced pilots sometimes turn to this practice drill because can be a good way to get used to a new aircraft. Sometimes you might see a …


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