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From High School to Flight School

Transitioning from high school to flight school is an exciting chapter in your life and choosing an aeronautical university over a traditional flight school comes with many advantages.

You are about to finish high school… What comes next? There are some big decisions to be made, but with a bit of luck (not to mention hard work), you will be in the ideal position to choose your future. Exciting times! It does not get much more exciting than an aviation career! Flying an airplane and getting a degree? Today we will look at the benefits of enrolling in an aeronautical university and what you can expect going forward. The sky is literally the limit!

Where Will Your Course Take You?

There are so many options in aviation that it is hard to know where to begin. It is not just all about flying big jets either!

  • You might opt to take a role that is full of adventure, flying a small aircraft among wild landscapes in really remote locations as a bush pilot.
  • You could decide that you want a life of flying something slightly more exclusive, such as a private corporate jet with a multi-million dollar value.
  • Alternatively, you might just be so inspired by your flight instructors that you seek to join their ranks and pursue an instructor’s rating. Gaining an opportunity to effectively pass on all that you have learned!

We have named three options there, but there are countless others. Each is as different and varied as the last.

What are the Requirements to Apply?

If any or all of the above sounds like fun, you will need to know how to enroll and the qualifications required.

Candidates requesting admission to California Aeronautical University must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age
  • Possess a high school diploma (or equivalent)
  • Pass entrance assessment or has qualifying SAT scores
  • Be able to acquire a class 3 student medical certificate

Why Choose an Aeronautical University?

There are plenty of reasons why attending an Aeronautical University is the way to go. We will look at some of the reasons why it is the smartest choice.

1. You get a Degree and a Pilot’s license

No doubt you have got friends going to a conventional college to study for a conventional degree, but ask yourself how relevant a conventional degree will be to reach your dreams on the day they graduate college? How much ‘on-the-job training’ did they have? Once they graduate, they will be thrown into a world where they will have to train even further to gain real experience.

You will be gaining actual practical experience in your chosen field with every day you attend.

You will hold a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics Degree (impressive all on its own), and you will also have satisfied the FAA mandated minimum requirements to gain a pilot’s license.

2. A Structured Syllabus

An Aeronautical University actually has to work really hard to provide great training. They have to satisfy all of the requirements required of a regular degree and meet mandated requirements given by the Federal Aviation Authority.

Quality control, safety, and effective training techniques are at the forefront of everything that they do.

By applying to an Aeronautical University, you can be assured that your training, both from a flying point of view and what you learn on the ground, has been scrutinized, polished, and planned.

3. Career Support

While flight training and studying are fun in their own right, you have your eyes on the prize.

Your degree is a means to an end – You want a career. Every year many  people graduate form college with a degree in hand and no direction.

Who you know is vitally important when searching for jobs in aviation.

With years of experience, genuine aviation industry contacts, and established paths from zero hours to a paid position, attending an aeronautical university can really help give you that ‘foot in the door’ that is elusive to those who have chosen to ‘go it alone’.

4. Airlines Love a Degree in Aviation

Airlines and aviation employers are not too dissimilar to those of your ‘standard’ industries. They like to know what they are getting.

In many industries, you will have to work for years, gaining proven experience and references that show you are committed to your chosen field.

Studying and graduating from an aeronautical university proves a few things to employers:

  • You have ‘hands on’ experience
  • You are motivated
  • You are dedicated
  • You are disciplined and can manage your own time
  • You have achieved a minimum regulatory standard
  • You are coachable and approachable

The benefits of a degree over other methods cannot be overstated!

5. All the Fun of College

College is not always about working constantly.

In this regard, an aeronautical university is no different from any other ‘regular’ college. Sure, you will have to knuckle down and work hard, but you will also create memories that will last a lifetime. The social element of a university should not be neglected or ignored.

Studying together with like-minded people with similar goals and aims is great fun. You will share experiences and undoubtedly make friends that you will keep for years to come. You might even bump into each other ‘down route’ and be able to reminisce about that bumpy landing!

Attending an established aeronautical university offers significant benefits over alternative methods of flight training. It is attractive to employers, has a set structure, is approved by regulatory bodies, and is also lots of fun. CAU offers all of the above benefits and more. Why not take a look at our course catalog, and see what awaits you?


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