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California Aeronautical University Announces Partnership with MyGoFlight

California Aeronautical University (CAU) and MyGoFlight (MGF) have partnered up to provide CAU students premium-grade aviator equipment to help make the cockpit safer and standardize the student pilot experience. The MGF products, including EFB mounts, flight bags, protective glass, and accessories, offers improved organization and ease of use while increasing safety and situational awareness and reducing workload.

“As we continuously strive to improve the CAU experience, we’re excited to team up with MyGoFlight to increase safety standards and the proficiency of our students,” explained Matt Johnston, President of CAU. “When we met with MyGoFlight earlier this year, we knew that they shared the same high standards for safety and commitment to supporting new pilots. We’re thankful for companies like MGF that can help us produce the next generation of aviation professionals.”

“We are so appreciative and thrilled to be able to partner with CAU. They produce some of the best aviators in the industry. We are in a unique position to be able determine their needs and offer some of the very best and safest phone and tablet mounting solutions for their flight training degree program,” said Dominic Martinez, President, MyGoFlight.

While flight schools and universities have seen record levels of student enrollment due to the global pilot shortage, this strategic partnership exemplifies CAU and MGF’s dedication to preparing the next generation of pilots and their commitment to safe operations.


About California Aeronautical University

California Aeronautical University (CAU) is preparing the next generation of aviation professionals. Serving students from all over the country, the University offers career-focused programs in aviation, aviation business, and aircraft maintenance. With on-airport locations throughout California and in Arizona that provide an ideal learning environment, CAU courses are delivered in a year-round, fast-paced schedule that enables students to enter the pipeline for aviation careers in the shortest amount of time. Through the University’s strong partnerships with airlines, influential aviation organizations, and leaders in the aviation community, CAU graduates become a part of a larger aviation network and reap the benefits of these relationships, including direct access to several airline cadet programs. The University offers access to federal student financial aid, scholarships, and veteran benefits to those who qualify.


About MyGoFlight

Founded in 2010 by passionate aviators, MyGoFlight is recognized in the aviation space as the premium brand of aviator flight gear for those who fly. We are relentless in our pursuit of perfection and safety, which is rooted in our aviation heritage. As Aviators we understand how important it is to never cut corners, because doing so creates risk. The MYGOFLIGHT standard means you can rest easy knowing that our products are built with the highest level of advanced engineering, premium functionality, and sophisticated design.

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2 thoughts on “California Aeronautical University Announces Partnership with MyGoFlight”

  1. Great article, Matthew! I am impressed by the partnership between California Aeronautical University and MyGoFlight. It is great to see that the university is taking steps to increase safety and proficiency for their students by utilizing the latest aviator equipment. It also shows their dedication to preparing the next generation of pilots and addressing the global pilot shortage. My question is, how will this partnership specifically benefit the students and their education at CAU? Can you provide more details on the specific products and services that MyGoFlight will be providing to the university?

    • Hi Raju! Thank you for your interest in our partnership with MyGoFlight. We are thrilled to have such a dedicated and innovative partner in the aviation industry, and we believe this partnership will greatly benefit our students in their education at CAU.

      Through this partnership, students will be able to purchase aviator equipment at a reduced rate, ensuring they have access to the latest technology and equipment in the field. MyGoFlight is a leader in cockpit-ready mounting systems and they have revolutionized the use of the iPad in aircraft with their complete system of cockpit ready mounts, cradles, and cases for iPads, iPhones, and other tablets.

      Having the right equipment is crucial in ensuring a safe and efficient flight, and with MyGoFlight’s products, students can be confident that their devices are securely mounted in the cockpit, allowing them to focus on flying safely.

      The products offered through our partnership with MyGoFlight include mount systems, flight bags and backpacks, iPad kneeboards, and anti-glare screen protectors.

      Overall, we believe this partnership with MyGoFlight will benefit our students, and we are excited to see the impact it will have on their education and future careers!

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